Products rose again

In Minsk store "retail" economist at prices so Ludmila explained to rise in price of milk, meat and bread:
Ludmila: "The producers of these products grow each month commodity prices, costs of establishing, energoelementy mass spending. Well, it’s within the boundaries of 10-50 rubles looking what products. From the large amount of it can be $ 100."
Bread price increased by about 10-20 rubles, about the same — milk and yogurt, pork — 120 rubles. Ludmila says that such an increase for buyers unobtrusive:
"All the people somehow thinks that prices grow. All prices grow."

Ms. Nataliabought bread and milk
Pensioner, packing store-bought, reads:
"It is not cheap. Here, it seems, nothing bought and gave 30 thousand."
Reporter: "That’s a lot for your budget?"
Lady: "A lot. Spouse earns a million, and I — 300 thousand pension. Well, it is not every day such purchases. While the spouse works, and I’m retired. And so on one pension I could not live. "
Ms. Natalia says:
Lady: "For me it’s hard. I live in only one retirement. One live, for me it is palpable. I can not allow myself to only the most necessary."
Reporter: "And what do you usually buy?"

Mrs. Veronica came into the store with a child
Pension of Mrs. Natalia — about 400 thousand in February it increased by 20 thousand.
"Well, that is 20 thousand? If I currently go for bread and milk gave two thousand!"
Veronica came to the store with a small child:
"Money is being spent very many. If we go whenever at least 10 to 20 thousand, the least never leave. Prices have risen by dairy products, bread. I wish that wages were higher. After all, the kids are small, very hard this beat. My husband gets 700 thousand. I’m on maternity leave. Close, from wages to pay. "
Tsar Nicholas says:

Sovereign Mikola
consider vehicle after leaving the shop

According to the decree of the Ministry of Economy, increased price caps, such as milk, yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese — 2%, beef and pork first and second categories — by 1.5%, bread and bakery products — by 1%. According to the press service of the ministry, price increases offset higher prices of fuel and energy resources, and gradually equilibrate the purchase prices for products with prices in adjacent countries. Tags: prices, price hike, milk

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