PROJECT destroyer «DAGING» 45 completed its first combat service

PROJECT destroyer
Daring British Navy destroyer returned on August 1 its naval base of Portsmouth after one military service, which was held in the Middle East region, said the official website of the UK Ministry of Defence.

D32 Daring, head of the project 45 destroyer, go hiking in January 2012, paved the way for the achievement of full and timely readiness combat service other ships of this type.

The main objectives of the 6.5-month campaign was part of an international acts motivated group of ships to counter piracy and terrorism and long demonstration of the British flag and protect the interests of countries in the region.

The culmination of international cooperation in this campaign Daring become role in provisioning flight deck Aircraft Wing (PAC), located on the South American aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, and air defense ships that are part of its carrier strike groups (CSGs).

Daring performed monitoring and control of 141 aircraft from the PAA and the AUG, and the total number of inspected other aircraft operations exceeded 500.

During military service Daring spent 139 days at sea, crossed 38,106 miles and visited 12 ports states.

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