Prosecution Statistics spoil visyak

This was stated by Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Victor Prus. More than 580 rapes and 1351 murders of recent years so far remain unsolved. Last year, police uncovered 34 murders last year. Is it possible to disclose the atrocities of recent years?
"The older the sin, the least it is clear"
Previous managing operational investigative group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to disclose the number of murders in the terrain of the Vitebsk region Mieczyslaw Mushroom states that there is a possibility of disclosing atrocities and many years later. With the passage of time may seem new incidents that at the time of the crime have not been seen, or no they did not pay tribute to attention. But as in any business, there are two sides of the same coin:
"On the other side — the farther from the commission of the crime, the less likely its disclosure. Usually and naturally, that traces that leaves behind the offender is lost, disappear from the time of outdoor exposure. For example, if we opened Kill Vitebsk region committed Gennady Mikhasevich, he admitted that he did the murder of 43 women. He was charged only 38, although the investigator insisted on third 40 5 But the tribunal did not consider crimes. Since 15 years lost confirmation that was maybe know at the time. 5 And these atrocities he just could not put the blame, and the overall statistics, they were not disclosed. "
Currently wanted for committing serious crimes in Belarus is about hundreds of people. Total in prison serving a sentence of more than 5 thousand people.
In the above general Mushroom Vitebsk actually 12 people were convicted of error, some of them even shot. According to the deputy head last editor-independent newspaper "Consent" Alexander Sdvizhkou, who spent several weeks in a cell with murderers and rapists, practice "immediately punish, and later deal" remains until this:
"Just a pretty strong spirit can save criteria such dignity. I beheld those cattle turned almost as spent two weeks in the basement Pischalovskogo lock chamber two May 20 have the first and where I had the short term — 3 years imprisonment reinforced regime. were sitting there gangsters, murderers, drug dealers. So behold, they were time — 13, 15 years or more. Naturally, not all of these definitions had served most of the released some time ago. But, nevertheless, at the moment the so-called Belarusian justice gives unimaginable just time. bullpen I learned from the deepest conviction that if this state existed tribunal jury, half of all my cellmates could be justified. "
Mieczyslaw Mushroom says that when still serving in the police, the Interior Ministry’s intentions were to make a special unit that would deal only with violence, the disclosure of which lasts for years. According to the general, in such numbers of unsolved crimes — 580 1351 rape and premeditated murder — the creation of such units need to have. "If the idea is implemented, it may be, the fruit will be — says Mushroom. — But that does not mean it will be solved much."
As a result of action by force killed more than four thousand people
Interior Ministry official, who asked not to call his name, said that such a unit has been practiced for davneshnih sins exist. And the first performance — completed 34 cases. Some of them were opened for 10-15 years:
"So, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and there created a special unit to investigate specifically that, disclosure of crimes committed in the past years. This I mean only investigate serious and very serious crimes, which include rape and premeditated murder. So particularly in the Interior Ministry has been running such a group. "
According to Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Victor Prus, in 2007, Belarus has been made 791-degree murder, then twice more than 20 years ago.
In the past year as a result of action by force killed more than four thousand people. For example, in the production of last year killed more than 200 people. In traffic accidents — 1726. Over the past year came in 2700 suicides.
Chief Narcologist, Ministry of Health Vladimir Maximchuk states that all the statistics say more atrocities sformirovyvaetsya addicts:
"Once a year, an increasing number of crimes related to drugs. Last year almost 5,500 crimes committed by drug-related. Moreover, moderate growth in the number of crimes observed in all regional centers and, of course, that the first in Minsk as a great center also Gomel area, on the second place in the quantity dependent addiction. midst of atrocities excel skhilenne to use drugs. But all this is due to the Criminal Code, there are certain items, where for all kinds related to violation of the law, provided a harsh responsibility. "Tags: convicted , undisclosed, crime

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