Prostitutes will plant one day, as the opposition?

Department of Drug Control and Combating Human Trafficking in the Interior Ministry "educational measures" planned introduction of administrative arrest for prostitution. "Man must sit and loaf — what he does," — explained at the press conference said Acting Head of Department Sergei Koltun.

Sex market in anticipation of change?

Or after these words strongman or more of any circumstances, but mobiles Minsk "online stores" that offer sex services do not meet. Zazyvno offer rooms with "dumping" — $ 50 per hour and 200 per night — currently inaccessible masse. According to some non-stationary outraged that there live "decent family" and no ads Eva mentioned in no. It appears that the erotic market stood in suspense from the subsequent steps of the authorities.

prostitution — this is a profession like any other: a cleaning lady, a trader, a hairdresser …

Ultimately, all still came to a lady who has been illegal on the basis of belief MIA affair in "option from time to time":
"I think this decision is completely absurd. Any lady free to earn a living because it considers it necessary. And if someone will spread better brains, then prostitution — it is a profession like any other: a cleaning lady, a trader, hairdresser …"
But representatives of women’s organizations immediately responded to the measures security forces. Said the expert on gender issues, feminist by conviction Julia Miscavige:
"Punishing can be any number. Question is — why? We have such a stereotypical view that become tangled for pleasure. But in fact this is often the choice of no choice, honestly lady obliged to go where she can earn the amount that she needs first for himself and his own family. That social device that exists in this society does not give her a choice. It is not difficult to say, all prostitutes are immoral, they just do not want to work on other work — cleaning the streets or something like that- that. But we must first estimate how much a lady can earn on other work, will there be enough of it in order to contain, for example, ailing mother or 2-kids without a spouse. In almost all prostitutes specifically this situation . "
Youth activist Hope Sychugova a couple of times took part in European seminars where one way or another touched upon the issue of freedom of choice for each person:

I think that any lady still doing what she needs, she hunt

"I can really express negative attitudes to that initiative. Because I believe that all the same any lady doing what she needs, she hunt. In including and prostitution. Certainly, based on the belief siloviki is immoral, but the choice must ultimately belong to the lady, and not power, which allows either there is something not allow. Especially since, for all prohibitions all the same it goes underground in the bowels or somewhere else. And in the end it may be even worse. "
According to statistics from the Department of Drug Control and combating human trafficking Interior Ministry, in a data bank will give prostitutes more than 3 thousand names. Even earlier, the Interior Ministry offered to arrange for their public work, but in practice it turned out that to disguise spectacular "priestess" in stained overalls almost unreal.

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