Public figures about their own relationship with GAI

Most of the surveyed recognizable public figures of Belarus — active drivers — they say, after that as the traffic police started patrolling officers only, claims to fewer road inspection.
Favourite UCP Anatoly Lebedko has a driver’s license since 1978.

"After, was replaced as part of the traffic police on the roads and become officers, many employees will find out. This is also a plus. As for problem situations, they appear when the traffic police managed security services. And such situations I had a few. "
Cases of unjustified termination and testing machines Anatoly Lebedko largely relate to travel on opposition meeting in regions or at campaign events, with the proliferation of newspapers and propaganda materials.
One of the favorites Minsk businessman Alexander Makaeu also drivers for many years. His experience with GAI conflicts associated with preventive actions before the authorities opposition shares. With him it happened, namely, pre-party memory priest Godlewski of days before and Freedom 2007:
"They took away documents I have, were that my car is stolen … These were two options. And so they are usually on the road gently behave . "
Olympic favorite Parfenovich drivers since 1975. It states that the traffic police to complain about sin, but with certain actions of employees inspection he disagrees. Namely, with the cessation of machines for inspection of documents:
"If I do not break, they have no right to stop my car. It is my belief. Abroad no one will pause, if you are not disturbed and was not doing anything criminal."
Chairman of the BHC Hulak intensively drivers 8 years. He is convinced that if the roads began to patrol officers, traffic police work is more correct.

"And before there were cases when I was faced with rudeness, incompetence, arrogance employees GAI. Even a few occasions to complain. And I have sought their own, defended their rights . "
According to Gulak, if at the moment the traffic police and try to do some illegal things, for example — to remove the license plate, but understand that the driver will complain they usually shall be removed from their own purposes.

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