Public organizations can weave finish existence

By the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster fund head "Children of Chernobyl" Gennady Pear also received a gift in the form of nasty cancellation reduction factor of 0.1:

Will choose — who release from increasing rents, and pay someone to force the newcomer rate

"Most likely, will choose — who release from increasing rents, and who force the newcomer pay rate. Reduction factor acted earlier moment. And what will happen after the current days are — even my landlord does not know, is not that he was forced to do with me . Indeed, he did not plan to increase rents. But when you see a corresponding explanation, which is usually later, it may happen that for certain organizations will begin to act now, this brand new strap. Then — all this will be the last step in the killing of a legal the address. A virtually destroyed the legal status of public non-governmental organizations that do not support the government today. Again the Tipo by law, all within the boundaries again, so to speak, "the legal field." But in fact it is a final settlement of those organizations that do not now subject to the state., and I look forward to such rotation. "
"Pay for our office even if 5 times more — for us it will be very difficult"
Lawyer Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Gulak hopes that before puts new accounts still be taken into account the arguments of NGOs against constructive rent increase:

We expect that this benefit to us will be used

"Addressed to the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Humanitarian Affairs for proof of the right of privilege. We believe that the Belarusian Helsinki Committee — the most that neither is an exemplary organization that humanitarian actors have engaged her for free, charity. Because we naturally expect to that to us this privilege will be extended. But even until this issue is not resolved for us. For us it is very disturbing. After paying for our office even if more than 5 times (as a result — in some places up thousands of dollars) — for us, it will be very difficult. well and generally raise public associations, which bring huge benefits to society, charity work, the overall number of commercial structures, in my opinion, simply unacceptable. "
As specialists have already calculated, the radical rise in price per square meter of real estate could lead to the elimination of more than 1,000 civilian society organizations across the country.
Heads of a number of public associations appealed to Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky, Presidential Chief of Staff and Secretary Gennady Nyavyhlas Security Council Victor Shejman with a letter, which was requested to revise plans to change the rent. According to the decree of Alexander Lukashenko, April 24, rents for public institutions increased 10 times, and a coefficient of 0.1 is terminated earlier.
The appeal highlights: public associations, which are not engaged in entrepreneurial activity, will be delivered in critical financial situation. This worldview divides the chairman of the Metropolitan Tenants Union of businessmen and Vladimir Karyagin:
"This is more about the Commission on rents, specially made on the basis of the Presidential Administration. Business manager immediately is chairman of the commission. We wrote, argued a number of issues including the price of rental space for non-profit associations of businessmen. Unfortunately, no positive response was not received. And from 25th on the list should be the new prices, as currently accepted method of payment for the month ahead. Rules have changed three months back, and pay exorbitant rates will need to be in April. Let me remind you that public and non-profit organizations do not have the right to conduct any activity live through membership fees, decree number 300 they are forbidden to accept sponsorship from legal persons and foreign organizations. In other words, they practically do not have any source of income. "
TBM will have to pay 850 euros?
Representatives of many public organizations have already declared the existence of the danger coming their own organizations. Volunteer chairman of the Belarusian Society for Historic Preservation and Cultural Anton Astapovich considers that the authorities are willing to deal economically with the third sector, which in its own weight is disloyal to the current regime. A day or prior to the current standard rental rate was 10 euros per 1 square meter, discount — 1 euro.
Chairman of the Belarusian Society of Appraisers Nikolay Trifonov states that contributions which are collected from 2-hundred union members, enough to pay for rent at low rates and payroll accountant. In the case of a single 10-increasing rental business will be at the brink of survival. Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian Language Society Oleg Trusov in an appeal to the citizens of Belarus writes in the Minsk office space now have to pay 850 euros each month. This impossibly funds for an organization that is engaged in educational activities.
Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Nicholas Cannes draws attention to the fact that the brand new regulation applies not all are equally. Thus, the pro-government Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus and organizations that are part of its composition, the reduction factor is saved. Prof. independent union no such benefits:
"I used to have to gramadkzih organizations that do not engage in public activities, a coefficient of 0.1. And now it is cleaned. And we as a public organization also lose this factor. "

If you have previously paid for the meter squares 2-3 euros, at the moment — 30

Reporter: "That is, the rent increases by 10 times?"
"Yes. This is very serious. If you have previously paid for the meter squares 2-3 euros, at the moment — 30. This is a very tangible impact on the economic situation of our organizations. I think this is one of the forms of struggle with independent trade union movement. In fact, besides rents remain utilities, telephones. We have not once been contacted and the government, and the Prosecutor’s Office and the Constitutional Tribunal, which is a violation of our rights: FPB — benefits, and we have none. And if so will develop further actions, we need to provide information in an international company (ILO) that now there are different unions and different approaches to trade unions. In May, just another Labour Conference, and in this case the government must answer why such a situation. "
As a solution, the leaders of public organizations prepyadstviya offer cast at least 75 square meters privileged. Lukashenko’s decree of 2002, they resemble, preferential area for associations was determined specifically for up to 75 "squares." Standing served significant support non-state actors, with no special losses for the budget. With the entry into force of the new decree public organization will lose this support.
Belarusian specialists note: due to a sharp increase in rents can finish its work more than a thousand associations that constitute the basis civilian society.

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