Putin is the United Russia and goes to the premiere

At the congress, Putin confirmed that he accepted an offer to become prime minister under President Medvedev and said that he would lead the party after the inauguration of the new president. According to the Constitution of the RF President may at any moment send to dismiss the head of the government, but Prime Minister — Chairman of the party, having a constitutional majority of the parliament — it is almost second, if not the first center of power.
"Imagine a President Medvedev — without a party or an ordinary member of the party, or a member of its management, but a favorite of the party — Putin. This tango couple growing imbalances and weakened the position of not only the president, and the presidency as such," — says employee capital Carnegie Center Lilia Shevtsova.
Head of Russian Research Institute of elites Olga Kryshtanovskaya believes that the system of power in Russia after the current solutions is becoming increasingly similar to Russian:
"This process is called Sovietization in the most general sense, in the sense that many of the processes control state machine are similar to Russian, including the human resources management of the country through the" United Russia ".
With staff not quite agree columnist Russian magazine "The New Times" Vadim Dubnov:
"The only special aspect — is that Putin leads the party, but does not enter into it. How to readaxis in a joke, I’m not a party member, I am her brain. As I understand it, it was hard enough to be elected president of the congress, as it was at the coronation of the newest unsafe own ally. He demonstrated the power that will influence all decisions of the president. But I think that the administration of the new president will resist it. This model was trained to work perfectly in the criteria of one center of power. I think that the criteria for the existence of 2-centers of power that will lead to Myagenkaya or hard, but the collision. Fact, that Medvedev does not want to be the queen of the British, and he gave it to realize. "
And it is possible that the path will Putin Alexander Lukashenko? "Snow White Rus" is already prepared …
"This trend is now seen not only in Russia, and Central Asia, and more pronounced in Kazakhstan. Because why not? This may occur. Both President Lukashenko’s not going to be very unique," — says the analyst of the British research company «Global Insight " Natalia Leshchenko.
Another world has Vadim Dubnov:
"He does not need it and, as I understand it, will not soon be necessary. Besides Belarus configuration of power is completely different. Maybe these people are, but I can not imagine for themselves, who could play the role of Medvedev. Lukashenko in vertical all firmly burned. We model monotonous, but Lukashenka is implemented completely, well, we have some sharnirchyki were required to weaken. " Tags: Our homeland, Putin, Medvedev, the only

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