R.Bovm: there is a sense of confusion on the part of the regime

Correspondent"The question sent to the website," Freedom "," How much more a government like the U.S. will listen i do non-legitimate power requirements Lukashenko (I requirements for the last month of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry to the South American embassy)? "

Bohm"We only recently got new requirements [reducing the number of employees of the embassy in Minsk], and of course we believe these requirements illegitimate and baseless. No grounds for such claims on their part. Makarom Not so countries must lead the interaction between them. We fully litsezreem no grounds for such claims, but we consider them, and that’s all I can say so far. "

Correspondent"The question sent via text message:" The likelihood of whether such a situation break diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Belarus? "

Bohm"I think this question should be to ask the Belarusian authorities. All these steps were on their side. They constantly more and more new requirements without any preconditions. Because it is not a question to us, and to the Government of Belarus."

Correspondent"Maybe if that sanctions against the" Belneftekhim "counterproductive and will only lead to the upcoming repression and impact of in Belarus?"

Bohm"I think that such a reaction of the Belarusian authorities on sanctions against" Belneftekhim ", we are looking at, of course indicates that these sanctions are. We believe that this is an inadequate response, but still completely clear that sanctions have a very strong effect" .

Correspondent"But does this mean that the repression against peaceful demonstrators on March 25 and new trials of opposition activists in some way the result of the sanctions?"

Bohm"I do not know. This may be indicative of the regime of despair. Maybe regime feels that loses all control, and thus makarom Strikes Back. It’s very hard to say, but of course there is a great sense of confusion on the part of the regime. "

Correspondent"The question sent via text message: How far will America in a "cold war" with Minsk? Neuzh it is not clear how our homeland Belarusian regime uses for its own purposes?"

Bohm"We focus on the situation in Belarus, the rights of the Belarusian people, on the ways in which Lukashenko regime violates these rights. Regime holds political prisoners, despite the promise of their release, violently suppressing demonstrations, does not allow the existence of free media. I think it’s worth ask the question, what happens inside Belarus. speech about Belarus, and not about other countries. "

Correspondent"How would you Comment out the view that the Belarusian regime is set and controlled by Russia?"

Bohm"I do not have the ability to comment on what makes or does not do our homeland. Naturally, between Belarus and Russia complex cases very closely economic affairs periodically Our homeland has economic pressure on Belarus, but all the same, we concentrate on the people of Belarus . And, in our opinion, as it forms the question of any third State, in other words an incorrect statement of the problem. We have to concentrate on getting in Belarus came democracy. "

Correspondent"The question, sent to the website of Liberty"How does the U.S. State Department to the strategic dilemmas of the Belarusian people — destruction of language, culture, historical memory and to the danger of loss of statehood? "

Bohm"I think that the issue of statehood, we have made it clear to realize that such a question can only decide freely Belarusian people. But at the moment we do not fully litsezreem criterion in which the Belarusian people could take a decision on the future of the country and its statehood. With regard to cultural problems — Belarusian identity, language — they also need to be addressed in the context of democracy. But Belarus — not democracy, and it reveals the problem of the Belarusian people have no voice in determining the fate of their own country. Belarus — a dictatorship, not democracy. "

Correspondent"The question, sent to the website of Liberty:" What is your attitude to the fact that Alexander Lukashenko rules state 14 years? "

Bohm"I do not think the question is, how much time someone is controlling the state, if the person elected democratically. Democratic favorites from time to time have remained in power for a long time. I can remember Mrs Thatcher, which was re-elected a couple of times in the UK, our President Roosevelt was elected four times. But it was a hundred percent democratic elections when opposition candidates could totally free to conduct their election campaigns and to inform people of their thoughts.

In the case of Alexander Lukashenko nothing. This phony election where opposition candidates have the ability to conduct rigorous campaign to gain access to the media. As I have said, the question is not how long someone has power, and how he stays in power. There is a tremendous difference between the fact that someone is in power, as it is a free choice of the people of this country, and that when it’s just Teran, who uses all possible methods to stay in power. "

Correspondent"The question, sent to the website of Liberty:" Can the U.S. really assist people who stole power and which can not develop normally? I am 73 years old, or I see it? "

Bohm"Naturally, I hope that you will see it. I think Belarusians deserve. We and our European friends are trying to keep those people in Belarus who are trying to change. Very fundamentally, that Belarus was effective civilian society, free media, really opposition parties. We are trying to put pressure on the Government of Belarus, that it has allowed the principal of freedom, so there was an atmosphere of terror, so that people who organize demonstrations against government policies, not beaten, not detained. This do we and the European Union, which clearly said for their own purposes.

President Bush has said that Belarus — a dictatorship, and it is simply unacceptable for a free and undivided Europe. Our policy is oriented towards democratic change, and if in the past year, President Bush met with the favorites of opposition parties and representatives of civilian society, it clearly showed the position of our country and what we want to achieve in Belarus. "

Correspondent"The question, sent to the website of Liberty:" Are U.S. plans to overthrow Alexander Lukashenko and give him and his entourage to the tribunal, as it was made with Milosevic? "

Bohm"As I have already explained, our policy is aimed at is to give power to the people of Belarus, assist build a civilian society that are independent media, that were indeed the opposition parties. We would wish that people of Belarus managed to freely choose for themselves the government. And specifically in this area we are working. "

Correspondent"The question, sent to the website of Liberty:" Do you agree with
the views that the modern Belarusian society depoliticized
? Why in Belarus there are no real political parties or you think differently? "

Bohm"I think that there is no society in the world can not be called depoliticized. Naturally, there is dictatorship, and to the chagrin of Belarus is not the only country where the management is trying to push the usual political manifestations. Belarus But people are the same as other people — if he had the opportunity to democracy, I’m sure he would welcome democracy.

In Belarus there are opposition parties that fight, but the authorities are doing everything possible to suppress these parties, arresting their favorites unreasonably by not allowing them to organize, organize effective company, without giving them access to the media.

Unfortunately, the people of Belarus strongly little ability to hear other views. But Belarus — the same company as the other, and if I had the opportunity to develop normally, I’m sure that there could be different parties, reflecting the different views. But do not permit. "

Correspondent"The question, sent to the website of Liberty:" At the moment George Bush meets with the President of Ukraine. And what are the prospects for negotiations between the country and your favorite Alexander Lukashenko? After all, even more democratic favorite U.S. did not disdain to negotiate with Stalin, Secretary General of the CPSU and incomprehensible elected presidents. What or who interferes with the bilateral meeting of Governors of our states? "

Bohm"What would be the foundation for these negotiations? Currently our ambassador practically forced to leave the country, and this first communication channel. We clearly given to understand that the Belarusian salting can come back [to Washington] in at least some time, and we expect that our salting will be able to return to Minsk.

President Bush had just visited Ukraine. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Tymoshenko came to power as a result of democratic elections. This is to be welcomed, and the United States in the face of their own highest favorite, represented by the President, expressed support. The situation in Belarus is fundamentally different, and of course, we can not seriously talk about the meeting at the presidential level, if we do not even have the ability to have the ambassador there. "

Correspondent"The question sent via text message:"In your opinion, whether probable configuration in Belarus in the coming years? "

Bohm"Naturally. Dictatorships do not have forever. As I read, some of the things that makes President Lukashenko, looks like a sign of his helplessness., We hope that the situation in Belarus will change in a positive direction, and all our efforts are focused on then, as well as the efforts of other friends of Belarus. Nobody wants to keep segodnyaschy situation. "

Correspondent"The question, sent to the website of Liberty"Sovereign Bohm, were you ever in Belarus? How, in your opinion, you are not a bad idea, what motivates Belarusians that for them, what makes them different from other people?

Bohm"Yes, I visited Belarus. It was somewhere in the previous year, I managed to get a visa. Then I met with representatives of civilian society, the media, with the favorites of the political opposition, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Belarusian affairs I do every day.

Our embassy, by the way, very well — there were a lot of people who had excellent Russian language, and the people who possessed the Belarusian language, people who have had a lot of contacts in the Belarusian society. I think that such a presence is very assist us to realize the situation in Belarus. Because a great pity that the Belarusian government continues to reduce the sample is presence. Very principle of having an embassy, and have contacts between people very principle for the South American and Belarusian people. "

Correspondent"Do not be such that the U.S. get the wrong information on the situation in Belarus, as, for example, the information war in Iraq recently from people like Ahmed Chalyabi?"

Bohm"I would not wish to make comparisons with Iraq, but I just read as a fundamental role in the embassy to have a genuine sense of the situation in Belarus. Naturally, before the war with Iraq, the U.S. did not have an embassy in Baghdad.

I think that our level of contact allows you to have decent enough information. We do not just say so, or another person — we’re talking with a wide range of people and also with the government of Belarus. Because I believe that communication bandwidth we have enough great. "

Correspondent"The question sent via text message:" Much has been said about strengthening interpersonal relationships. Which of these acts? "

Bohm"We have a pretty active applets, allows young people to visit the U.S. to live with American families, some people work here kutsee time. We very much welcome cultural exchanges, academic exchanges, educational exchanges and contacts between people simply. This is very crucial.

Unfortunately, most of the disk imaging on U.S. young people receive from municipal media. And then I can not use another word — the official media are lying about the United States. Their information is very far from reality. And if people come, behold the what the United States have the possibility of contact with the people they behold the U.S. did not have anything to do with the stereotypes that they provide. We have invested a lot of time, effort and money into these applets, and we believe they are very necessary. "

Correspondent"The question sent to the website," Freedom "," offer to hold a conference to make the dialogue between the opposition and the government. The government and the opposition there are forces that are categorically unwilling to dialogue. But there are smart people who want to make a better situation. "

Bohm"Naturally, the Belarusian opposition should itself decide how to act. And I think, in their ideas, questions arise — or it would be a fruitful dialogue, or it will be taken seriously, or just the Belarusian authorities will exploit this dialogue, or will there some progress? Such a decision — not for people outside this decision should take people in Belarus. And of course it is not what we are going to do. "

Correspondent"The question, sent to the website of Liberty"Discusses the question of aid to channel "Belsat" from the U.S.? "

Bohm"We already give some help" Belsat "and negotiate with other countries about how you can support this zeal — not only" Belsat ", and ERB, are independent media inside Belarus, web, etc. .. Very basically, that people of Belarus have access to free and to be independent of information. Unfortunately, people in Belarus is very difficult to obtain such access, using only the media inside the country. Experience indicates that foreign broadcasting is very fundamental. "Belsat" began broadcasting in December and is developing as independent source of information, and we, of
course, welcome. "

Correspondent"The question, sent to the website of Liberty:" WAmu U.S. and the EU ignore ekzylny Government of Belarus — the BNR Rada — and decide questions Belarusian bypassing Belarusian diaspora? "

Bohm"In the State Department, naturally, we often consult with Belarus-US citizens. We believe this is a very principled, have regular meetings, and if there is something extraordinary, naturally we consult with them, and do it often."

Correspondent"The question sent via text message:" Do I need to expand NATO? Less is better, but better. "

Bohm"The question of NATO membership should decide themselves NATO members and countries that wish to join. For example, in the case of Ukraine, which wants to get a plan of action for the accession to the alliance, the Ukrainian government has decided that it is fundamentally necessary and, as President Bush during yesterday’s visit to Ukraine gave clearly realize that the members should support it. NATO — an organization of collective security, and Ukraine — European country, because it is bound to have this opportunity.

Same goes for Georgia, which also wants to get a plan on joining. NATO no circumstances artificially stay at a time when the country wants to become a member of the organization of collective security, and its Government is intrigued. With Ukraine and Georgia at the moment we’re not talking about NATO membership, but only on terms of accession. And we are convinced that it must be sustained. "

Correspondent"But if the U.S. does not believe that the expansion can scare adjacent NATO, including Belarus?"

Bohm"I think that any country then do not play any role. We have clearly realize adjacent countries, especially the Russian Federation, it is not targeted against them. This is a positive decision on the part of the security of these governments. Naturally, these actions in any way not aimed against third countries. Naturally, third countries have there own enthusiasm, but they can not have a veto. "

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