Radashkavichy Molodechno district

Once town Radashkavichy could third call after Minsk and Vilnius government center. List of people who lived here and worked, it is not parochial. Taraszkiewicz Vlasov, cancer-Mikhailovsky Yadvigin Sh Tarashkevich really remember here? Lives whether in the current Radoshkovichi belarushchyna?

Radashkavichy, no matter how trying the power to instill Radoshkovichi title, in the mouth of the old-timers have remained Radoshkovichi. However, the old-timers of the village becomes every year more in less and less. Place, despite the large brick factory and Vialejka channel retained its ancient plyanirovku and development. The narrow streets of the former Jewish ghetto — Finished scenery for historical films.

Large pure white church assigns European city view. And on the street Bronislaw Tarashkevich preserved house where he lived Bronislaw Taraszkiewicz. In former lives Ira Nyzhankivskoho wing. Daughter Faith Nizhankovskay spouses Bronislaw Tarashkevich.

Ira: "There was a decree of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR yet, so here to make a museum."
Reporter: "This planned museum Tarashkevich?"
Ira: "Museum of Western Belarus. Whole."

But the plans remained plans. House has long been inhabited. But it is not only radashkavitskaya loss. Once on the main street was a monument to Yanka Kupala. Mrs. Ira words.
Ira: "Kupaliha decide which place. Came Auntie settle. There was even a bus. She suffered at his own expense the bus station. They put this monument. And forever Kupala Levon Lutskevich times came, we were going to go with him in Vyazynka. Enjoying — what’s this? No monument. Smashed monument, because the creator of the monument moved to Israel. And so this monument pitched. This savagery. "
New Kupala bust is on the main street of the village — Russian. But most Russian titles I’m not here met.

Ira: "In the 90s and took the streets renamed. Former Vilna was Communist, newly returned Vilna. Dubrovno returned, was the 17th of September. Nina — Komsomolskaya. Only Soviet have not changed."
Reporter: "How is it for you succeeded?"
Ira: "We have a democratic government was in the 90s. Deputies were many democratic in our city council."
Dubrovensky lives on the street one of the few town starazhylak Helena Dulepskaya. Notwithstanding own eighties, lady keeps a beautiful shape.

Dulepskaya: "Not enough street was. Nabudavalasya And now many, many people prybyla.Chuzhyh people. Our local is not enough left. Was here Warden, there were military. Poorly we lived, we had four kids.
Reporter: "Do you remember such Bronislaw Tarashkevich?"
Dulepskaya "Taraszkiewicz was a good man!"
Reporter: "Do you remember him?"
Dulepskaya: "I remember him through the fog. Shot him. Only poor people with friends. He helped the poor. Adored the poor."
During the German occupation of Mrs. Helena took part in the partisan movement. But because of modesty so far have not issued their veteranstva. How many moderate throughout Belarus …
Dulepskaya: "I do not loaf that will be very good if I take any help from the participants. Grenades We passed. I’ll go to the police German. I will leave, and that which they have cooked, it will prepare a grenade at Shaluhi set, and I’m taking. And feared.’s father at one point broke. "You want to shoot us?"
Reporter: "You are a participant of the underground …"
Dulepskaya: "Yes, but I do not have any documents. We were connected. Shurin was a partisan."
And on the street the other starazhylka Vilna lives. 70-year-old aunt Anna of those active pensioners who not only writes "Narodnaya Volya" and listening to "Freedom", and deliver a speech on the ears and minds of the neighbors.

Anna: "At the moment all the ballet. As he put all these. From durachiny make intelligent and drop in a madhouse, as the former director of the refrigerator plant. Kozulin A poor. I wept when buried Ira could not. He mocks shamelessly. For me too stupid petticoat, if when went Kozulin, and rose Milinkevich maybe what nibudt-and it would be. "
Aunt Anna’s granddaughter studying in Vilnius, at YSU. Most ancient fears Belarusian-Russian integration.
Anna: "What we there will? What are they to us? Our people are hardworking, land, timber, fish, all we have. We will be hosting for yourself, and it is not clear where climbs. What are they? And fooling around. Alliance already cheaper. Someone has to pay money. "
But most of all I wanted to find in Radoshkovichi young revivalists. Because I believe that that charge Belarusian, who was lit here in the interwar time, could not leave without a trace. And I was not disappointed. People whose youth fell at the beginning of the 90s — a special generation. Electricians Ales Gemini and builder Maxim Steward — its brightest representatives. They are distinguished by vivid whiteRussian language, not indifferent to everything what’s happening with the state, and the desire to think. Ales, for example, believes that the division of Belarus on the West and East passes not an old border, and on the border of the Baltic-Black Sea watershed. Fascinating theory.

Ales: "There is the concept of" limit. " Limit of human psychology. As you all know, this watershed. Between western and eastern rivers. And this watershed distinguishes humans. Man is composed of 98 percent water. And what a positive charge or negative charge and gives results. If you come to vskhodnika, he grimly "healthy — utter — a pancake." As a Westerner, "Good day!"
If I came to Radashkavichy in the year 2000, I could catch on FM-radio wave independent artisanal, which contrived friends. In legal terms, this is called radyehuliganstvam. In my opinion, this is the real cultural guerrilla. According to Maxim.

Maxim: "We were familiar radio operators who could do it all with his own hands. From payalnichka."
Ales: "We gave them the tape. And they put …"
Reporter: "You Radashkavichy bowed his clandestine FM-am. And you’re out there spinning? "
Maxim: "The most best music."
Ales "Znich", "DMI", "Krama", "Sigismund" own poems were there. "
Reporter: "Was resonance?"
Ales: "Resonance? Suits at one point a policeman to us." Guys, you see there. We will also listen. " Whereupon it’s all over.
Reporter: "And what is the current criteria are able to make the Belarusian people?"
Maxim: "Educate the children, and to educate kids so that they could further do something. Because kids bring up their own, so they will live in the future. This will be the future for all. We this time do … Even the fact that we go out into the street. We show that we are. We have such caring. What do we have such dissenters.
But the future educated us on how we educate the kids of their own. "
Reporter: "It’s a profound idea."
Maxim: "For my offspring and a half months. My daughter — three years old and four months. And she, my daughter already says in the vernacular. Everything is depending on the beginning of human evolution. Which language would read it from the beginning, in the language and think it will be in the future. language Just does not happen. language — with its own history, with own life, with their own homeland. "

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