Radunitsa in Chernobyl zone

According to police, in the evacuation zone remained above 230 cemeteries. Radunitsa on their visit about 50 thousand people.
In evicted and partially buried village Holoche Chechersk District — two cemeteries. In particular, many people the later of them where people are buried with Holoche, ditches, settlements Proletarian. Holoche former inhabitants and the surrounding villages in 1990 were evicted even in Vitebsk region. And from there they came to worship now native graves.
Manages 75-year-old immigrant Ivan Stacey:
"Chernobyl drove us in the Vitebsk region, in Gorodok district. Lives very unenviable. Ready home even now — I can not there. Would run away from there, but the government gave us the opportunity to privatize home. And so would throw and came home. Already found to seems that if the bath. So do not go out: housing has become precious. soul torn homeland. We old, the radiation we are not creepy. Was our Holoche — it was to destroy. "
Expresses a desire to return and the wife of Tsar Ivan, who came with her husband to the grave of the parents:
"In my house the president and let him go, and I will take away in Holoche. This is why, there people are not courteous, as animals which. In Vitebsk region in Varhu. For seventeen years, we hung around the house with only dyarzhstrahu man and electrician once. Those inhabitants more "addohla", something our radiation. Who’s hungry — hang himself, who is homeless. And our, see how the Falcons came. "
Elderly Stesimy spread on the table dishes — Easter bread, eggs, and sausage. Treat themselves to themselves and family poured a glass and put the plates on the graves in different dishes. Such custom!
Sometime in Halochchy was above 100 yards. Currently least 10 Single homes, where there were people. NOT left or not pryzhyvshysya on the new site, and returned back to their homeland.
Inna — one of those. She also came to worship the graves of relatives:
"On Radunitsa sit and talk. Before Radunitsa naturally come and remove the graves. Here I buried spouse, grandmother, mother-in-law and my mother."
Cemetery in Halochchy cleaned only in the middle, where the graves. Around — spustoshanne: fallen fence, trees, garbage mountain towering over the graves:
"This is to whoever wrote … People come here, a fence is broken, no one cleans here. Realize just that nobody needs. And I will not be the same city. Rovkavitski This Rural Council must do together with Chechersky Kommunkhoz — mend the fence, clean up. "

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