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On the waves of "Freedom" for the first time many of the works were made in the author’s reading of the writer and in the implementation of the speakers.
Now teachers and students, priests and political prisoners, poets and politicians will be read on the air their beloved page. About the latest transfer knows Sergei Navumchyk.
Navumchyk: Throughout June, every day, Freedom on the waves will sound Bykovskaya lines. They will read a variety of people — and close friends of the writer, for example, and Gennady Ryhor Baradulin Buraukin, and those who never beheld the living Bykov. We asked each to first say a few words about what it means for their name Bykov, why they chose that or other product. Will read policy Ivonka Survila, Zenon Poznyak, Stanislav Shushkevich, Paul Seviarynets, writers Valentin Taras Nyaklyayeu, Vladimir Orlov, Algirdas Baharevich — only 30 people of different ages and professions.
Naturally, for 5 minutes or impossible to convey an idea of the content of the work (although the parable will feature in the full version, for example, "farmers" in the implementation of the favorite "N.R.M." Liavon Volsky). But you can convey the emotional sense — and just made it perfectly poet Valzhina Mort reading last paragraphs "a sign of trouble."
A first is the sister of Basil V., Valentine, which our correspondent recorded at home Bykov in Ushachchine. This is the only person who can recall his childhood and youth and his brother to comment on the first page of his memoirs.
Bykov’s no longer with us, but it is read by people of different ages and different occupations. Bykovskaya word sounds on the waves of "Freedom."

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