Reddish Church — Mass of Ira Kazulina

In Mass. assumed the role of Ira ancestors, friends and relatives of Alexander Kozulin. In the midst of attending the funeral mass — Charge d’Affaires in Belarus.
Jonathan Moore

Sovereign Moore expressed regret that in this mass was unable to participate prisoner Alexander Kozulin. But he noted that it is clear that he will be released, as well as other political prisoners.
Ira Kozulin itself and not wait for the release of Alexander Kozulin own spouse. He was released only a day or three for the funeral of his wife. Present at Mass Anna Shaputska

The current mass no daughters Julia and Olga are presently are abroad in a small town. Olga soon uchavstvovala fasting for the liberation of his father Alexander Kozulin. Last monarch lawyer Igor Kozulin Rinkevich
"Before leaving, they went to the mother at the cemetery. Julia and Olga are Orthodox. We have 40 days. On This time daughters have not come here, but there were supporters, party members close. There were close, and we have made them my compassion. "
Ira Kozulin fought for the liberation of his own wife — a political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin and other political prisoners.
She was deputy chairman of the International public organizations "Rays of Hope", which deals with neuvvyazkami ladies, patients with breast cancer. Belarusian human rights activists took the initiative to nominate Ira Kozulin for the award of Robert Kennedy.
Alexander Kozulin is serving a sentence of 5 and a half years’ imprisonment in "Vitsba-3." Politics accused of organizing riots. He was detained after the celebration of days Will March 25, 2006.

Liberation Alexander Kozulin reach U.S., European Union and international human rights organizations. Tags:, masonry, Mass.

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