Reddish customs entrepreneurs sidestep

Gain control over the movement of goods for personal items through customs border of Belarus particularly alarmed small entrepreneurs who gave the product in Poland and Ukraine. Gomel Svetlana knows biznesmenka:
"We are not perfect. Twice I ride in Chernigov — per product for groceries. Other times myself and buy the unit.’ve Got three kids. Troy! Boots, jacket, shirt, vest, pants, some sneakers, another right — Strip the same … It’s at this point I bring in can not. "
Lightweight womens clothes of trades in the market of the regional center and the young biznesmenka who introduced Tamara. Her business was also connected with Ukraine:
"This is the end of business as normal can not smuggle anything. Whereas previously carried envelopes, now — only units. How to work? Sizes odezhki not enough! Slowly entrepreneurs die."
Restrictions on the importation of concern not only small traders having the identification business, and individuals.
Emperor Paul of Rechitsy carries Belarusian people in the Ukrainian city of Khmelnitsky, where they get cheaper odezhku and shoes.
Another group of urban residents Paul drove to Ukraine last weekend.
States that upon returning special claims Mozyr customs to his passengers had not. Entrepreneurs did not go, and the people behind the product are guided in Ukraine rarely:
"I" shuttle traders "do not drive. They go people who buy only himself, and not for sale. We went, and no questions appear. They — ordinary people like you and me. Just travel to themselves dress, shoes on the summer season. "
Shift Supervisor Mozyr customs, through which were sent to the Ukrainian city of Khmelnitsky inhabitants Rechitsy Oleg Garkun claims that their transitions painstaking control over delivery of products installed with the last of autumn. After, as the decree № 503 approved the Regulations on movement across the customs border of the products for personal use.
Today’s methodological advice Municipal Customs Committee only confirm that in practice Mozyr customs did a few months:
"Even before the regulation SCC Administration of Customs made steps to identify people who under the guise of preferential import goods for personal items carried on their placing on the market and Mozyr Mozyr district." Shuttle "- they have long bypassed our customs transitions party. Us to thieves jargon called "reddish customs" because we have verified in the framework of the law are all very carefully, "- said our radio Representative Mozyr customs sovereign Garkun.

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