Relatives and friends met with youth Akrestsin

On-site at the gates of the detention center on the street Akrestsin — our correspondent Love Lunev.Lunev
"At the prison gate gathered some 10’s youth activists, they expect their own supporters, applause greeted Maxim Vinyarski and other activists who are released on … freedom is already out Igor Panfilov, which did not recognize at once — it does not belong to one youth organization, because he was over 30. Ancestors and friends expect Afnagel, Ales Wangchuk, Catherine Galicia, Artem Skorobogatov, Stankevich Alexander and Dmitry Kurz.
Also come here commandos — paddy bullpen entered the courtyard, a few commandos in the form of standing at the prison gates. They look for those what’s happening, operator removes present at the camera. A 18-hours they are already pushed to the square of the young people, 15 people, but the bullpen gate remains about 40 people.
Administrative detainees always come out exactly at the time specified in the court order. Usually the court order specifies the time man was detained. And when you consider that all were detained from 18:10 to 18:30, then specifically this time they should exit.
People do not crawl until they came all the prisoners, people become more and more. Fit girls with flowers, friends who are currently serving on the arrest. Ancestors distribute flowers not only to your children, and to all who came out to freedom.
Next to me — Ales Wangchuk, who told us that when they were taken to jail from the police station, they did not immediately diluted by the cameras. "Wangchuk
"When we brought from Russian police department, we have almost two o’clock kept wet to almost knee kicks bullpen in the yard."Lunev

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