Relatives of Belarusian hermits prepare the house for their issuance

News from Russia already flew to the village Glinyanki Kobrin district. In house refugees believers gather relatives. Galina came from Baranovichi — sister of Alexander Vabishchevich. Reversing six months, he went to Russia together with his wife Inna and 2 babies — Valentina (12 years) and Alenka, which was thenfor only 1 year and 4 months. With Mrs. Galina talk first about the child, which the ancestors were kept in a dungeon 5 months:
"Around me at the moment my daughter for what Alenka younger than six weeks. When I see your own kid and remember where it is, naturally, very worried. Know, before they left, we were going in the house . Very persuaded them, sobbing. "
In Nikolskoe to negotiate with the reclusive priest was invited Penza diocese father Hermogenes. This is what explains the positive result of his mission control press service of the government of the Penza region Anton Shirokov:
"Fact, that is generally considered the father of Hermogenes we connoisseur Apocalypse. This is the biblical book, which had a hermit for the main and which are guided in their actions.
Hermogenes father also knows monks cave fatigued and can assure our hermits argued that the chosen form of caches — in principle of mandatory. This means that life on the surface, outside the cave, also allows you to stick to those prayers, fasting and samaahvyarnastsi that from the standpoint of orthodox believers fully sufficient for the salvation of souls in the terrible judgment day. "
November first 2007 35 people (in including — four kids) took refuge in a cave in advance equipped Bekovsky near Penza. Hermit decided to stay there until May 2008, when, in their opinion, should come to an end. People threatened to burn yourself if you try them against the will get out of the ground.
It took many months. That at the moment they say native Belarusian hermits? Galina outlook Vabishchevich:
"Naturally, we are family, must hide their love and care. So that when they return, breathed more life here. After all, if a house without the owner, it is falling apart."
According to the official disk imaging Belarusian Embassy in Russia, in an underground shelter in Russian village Nikolsky were 10 people in Belarus, in the midst of their two kids. Adults consider themselves adherents of the sect "Mountain Jerusalem" headed inhabitant village Nikolsky Pyotr Kuznetsov. This preacher in 2006-2007 a couple of visits to the regions of Belarus, where it later left and hid in a cave his supporters hermit.

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