Relay hunger strike was supported by 10’s man

It requirements to which the act starving, from March 28 to add the requirement to end the repression of the independent media and journalists. Previous lawyer Igor Rynkevich who recently also joined the hunger strike, explains:
"Total head of the regime to free speech asks solidarity activists parties and democratic movements that are independent trade unions."
Relay hunger strike began March 10 policy brothers Sergey and Alexander Skrebtsov. Sergei Skrabets has experience with similar shares addition time, when he was in the slammer. For Alexander Skrabets this first long hunger strike. As he feels?
"Not well, to be honest. Now the 19th day, has not come out of the house. Began taksykoz, bad feelings. I’ve read about his decision out of the hunger strike, but plan to hold out until April 1, when will Tribunal over Andrei Kim. "
Skrabets Alexander said he was pleased with resonance that received relay hunger strike in society and the world. Policies referred to numerous interviews and zabugornye Belarusian journalists, also the fact that the share cut one new people.
Belarus joined the hunger strike 10s activists. Together with his brothers Skrabets currently starving Halahaniuk Sergey Sergey Soldatenko Daria Zielinska, journalist "Narodnaya Volya"Vitaly Garbuzov, UCP Misha Vasiliev, Taisa Kabanchuk in Bobruisk, Paul Levin in Vitebsk. Continue hunger strike in Germany last policeman Oleg Alkaev and his son Vyacheslav.
Some have completed their role in the hunger strike in connection with health. So did businessman Autukhovich, human rights activist Lyudmila Hraznova activist Ales Streltsov, mom arrested activist Tatyana Kim. The lady says that she opened an ulcer and had to leave because of the hunger strike:
"I had a stomach ulcer, and it is now nervosa opened. Had a day or two to finish the hunger strike."
Tatyana Kim son Andrew will be judged on April 1 in connection with its role in protests businessmen. Participants relay hunger strike reaches the middle of the rest, and the harassment of Andrei Kim.

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