Repeat MAZ Motovelo way?

In Last year July Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree, in accordance with which the government was entrusted to implement the Austrian company ATEC Holding GmbH state shares "Motovelo" in the amount of 15.6 billion rubles. The new shareholder has invested in the development of the plant until 2012, more than 20 millions of dollars. The contract is true: must be saved as a specialization of the company and its brand.
It is indicative that 2006 State did not belong to any of the action in "Motovelo": they were all bought the public company employees at the plant divestiture in 1999. But two years reversed, holding company to withdraw from the economic crisis, the government introduced on "Motovelo" "golden share" and received a 100% stake.
After the arrival of Austrian investors have restructured and made Belarusian-Austrian "MKM motorcycle", which owns 99.7% of the shares of the public company. MKM and the British company Renfrew Group held talks on the development of new models of bikes, because recent years line of motorcycles actually has not been updated and does not match the requirements of the market. Planned price segment — from 800 to 1000 euros.
Significantly expanded the range of related products. The plant produces potato, velopritsepy, velatrenazhery wheelchairs. To order leskhozes mastered the production adapted for off-road bikes M 125H, and for the Interior Ministry — Special bikes and bikes to carry patrol service.
"Motovelo" founded in November 1945 year as velyasypednaya creation, in 1951, then started to produce bikes "Minsk", especially of favorite in the village and in several Asian countries.

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