Requests to change the route Minsk city executive committee Chernobyl Way

Member of the Jury meeting Meleshkevich said "Freedom":
"From the organizing committee of" Chernobyl Way 2008 ", except me, were Vladimir Lobkowicz, Igor Rynkevich, Alexander and Oleg Shapovalov Volchanin. Meeting was held in the office of the ideological department Gennady Kurbeka.
As explained to us, Minsk city executive committee decided permit the "Chernobyl Way" on April 26. 14 to 15 hours — gathering at the site about the structure of the State Academy. Next route Surhanau Street towards the park of Friendship of Peoples (15 to 17 hours) and 17 minutes to 19.00 — a rally in the park of Friendship of Peoples. "

Route "Chernobyl Way" — 2008

According to Yuri Meleshkevich organizing committee "Chernobyl Way 2008" will hold a press conference for journalists to declare their position on the implementation of the decision the City Committee.
The interviewee also said now detained in Minsk car youth activist Opposition Alexander Zhuchkova.
"In the car police found leaflets to" Chernobyl Way "in Minsk. Detainees were taken to the police department of the Frunze district," — said Yuri Meleshkevich.

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