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Celebration days of Freedom in Minsk accompanied by beatings and detention of its members. Than clarify certain things shift to municipal media BNR? Why riot police behaved so rudely? How to evaluate the actions of the opposition and the other day during the campaign?
Participants: Deputy Chairman Viktor Ivashkevich BPF and chief editor of the online newspaper "Solidarity" Alexander Starikevich.

Municipal media about BPR
Valery Karbalevich"Today’s celebration days of the Will had a number of features. This jubilee — 90 years — BPR and certain authorities turn to the ideology of the Belarusian statehood and" thaw "in relations with the European Union (EU), and the relatively peaceful conduct of the recent years, opposition actions.
Namely, directed the attention of the media coverage of the anniversary municipal. It was unusual, sometimes even impartial and positive. Earlier education BNR interpreted as a negative phenomenon, and its founders were declared traitors and enemies, now the Belarusian National Republic declared positive phenomenon for the Belarusian history. Vintsuk Vyachorka at yesterday’s meeting referred to it as a victory of democratic forces, said that the authorities recognized the rightness of our thoughts. What do you explain to a certain shift of municipal affairs to the media BNR? "

Viktor Ivashkevich"I think the government has several groups that different behold the strategy of their own actions. Some believe that the need to create a democratic way with the aim to develop a dialogue with the EU. 2nd believes that retaining power rather relations with Russia, because the opposition must be pressed.
Hence the different acts. Then attempts to create a better style — for this image makers involved lords of England. And the creation of positive coverage BNR — in this series. That initiative troops intercepted and up we beheld March 25. Why is it so everything has changed in one day? Hard to speak as there is no disk imaging. "
Karbalevich"But the presidential election Lukashenko held under the motto" For Belarus! "Last year’s Independence day celebrated power under the slogan" For Independent Belarus! "At the moment there are concerts under the motto" We — Belarusians "positive evaluation lies in the creation of the BNR part of this trend. In other words there is a correction of state ideology. "
Ivashkevich"Today, no one in Belarus does not wish to be independent Belarus disappearance. The fight is on for what will be Belarus. The founders of the BNR second charters recorded that it should be democratic, free, European state. Lukashenko also seeks to make independent Belarus as samaizalyavanuyu country in alliance with Iran, Venezuela, China. "

Alexander Starikevich"I do not believe that such things are worth paying attention to severe. Reads about the publication mentioned that it is a victory of democratic forces — it’s just izymatelstvo over common brain. Especially since that night, when the authorities sternly prevented celebrate the anniversary of the BNR.
We strive to build a lot of any models, not knowing what in fact happens in imperative structures. I do not think that is true to talk about that at first there were pro-European forces monasteries and later seized the initiative troops. It is clear that the decision in our country takes one person.
From time to time act authorities are opportunistic nature. Because, for example, the last year the "European march", "Soc march" were relatively relaxed. But in fact, this power does not change, it is not transformed, as this love from time to time read in our circles.
What is more significant, words or deeds? That municipal media welcomed the establishment of the BNR, or fierce crackdown devoted to this date?
I can offer several versions about the new ratings municipal media creation BNR. First, the government seeks to win over a certain part of society. Say, we are also the independent Belarus, BNR accept because then for you to go to this opposition share? "
Aggressive acts of riot police
Karbalevich"Against this background, amid a political thaw Tipo, look completely illogical aggressive police actions during yesterday’s celebration. According disk imaging Interior Minister Naumov, detained about 80 protesters, many beaten. If acceleration factor out the January action businessmen, such harsh police action during opposition rallies in Minsk was not for many years. How can you otkommentirovat aggressive actions against protesters riot? "
Ivashkevich"In 1-x, about the fact that for many years there were no such crackdowns. March 25, 2006 was ruthlessly dispersed a march and arrested Kozulin. Exclusively in 2007 was a certain liberalism.
I think this is explained by the fact that the attempt to make small concessions to the EU and to get real money is not realized. And in fact the real configuration mode power unwilling to go. Because authorities showed Europeans — say, compare: we released political prisoners, not dispersed some stocks for you this is not a lot — so we will show to you the other side. Europe’s message is this: do not force us to be more democratic than we can, on the other will be worse. "
Karbalevich"So does this mean the end of the trend of liberalization dialogue with the EU and return to the normal status quo?"
Ivashkevich"I think not. It’s just a form of bargaining."
Starikevich"In 1-x, about the fact that for many years there were no such crackdowns. Was hard acceleration shares transferred over Putin’s visit to Minsk in December last year. So here you can not read about the years, and about a month.
In-2, there was no Nike liberalization or "thaw." Lukashenko is trying to balance between Russia and the West, and therefore at times with opportunistic motives of those uses or other measures.
But the essence of this mode is not changed. That the authorities made March 25, well within their ordinary logic. Whatever wrote "Russian Belarus," March 25 is for our government and its first-person very strong ideological stimulus.
We somehow inertia talking about release of political prisoners, the other measures, although the wheel is long gone in the other direction, new political prisoners, Minsk headed for an escalation of the conflict with the United States. "
How to evaluate the actions of the opposition?
Karbalevich"If you take into account the particularities of the celebration, the people came slightly, the same classic three thousand. Why and how was prepared by the opposition to this action? Is not mistake a gathering of people on Yakub Kolas from different sides? Unless it was impossible to predict that the police will block area and sections of protesters apart? This has happened several times. "
Ivashkevich"In 1-x, though any place that will be announced in advance as a gathering place, can be cordoned off. Impartially And it turns out that the people who will go there with the various parties will be disconnected. Unrealistic to keep a place of gathering thousands of people in secret .
In-2-x, the organizing committee shares set their own representatives on all fronts, agreeing that it is necessary to hold a march in the direction you can be. It happened. The town center was filled with demonstrators.
I am convinced that if there were no violence spetsnaz, the protesters would have been much more. Since most of the people who come to share, pretend casual observers expect will
be the violence. If not, are attached to the participants. These are the facts of public sentiment.
Awareness training action was perhaps the most massive of all time. Excellent support action was organized in Europe, in Strasbourg. Appeared brand new form of mobilization: All-Belarusian dictation. "
Starikevich"You can find in the organization shares some shortcomings. Maybe the best organization collected at least three to four thousand people, and with good weather — 5 thousand. But fundamentally it does not change the situation.
Many of the democratic people lost faith in the ability of victory and is apathetic state. Because social activity falls, and talking about mobilizing only party activists. "
Ivashkevich"Acts of the authorities on March 25 knocked out the arguments in those European politicians who are expected to agree with Lukashenko. We should reach the EU to punish the regime for such behavior."
Starikevich"It’s a dead end road, when seen as a prime factor external impact. Do not think that can be achieved in such a harsh makarom configurations in the country." Tags: Journalists, March 25, dispersal

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