Rewarded, taking the gold …

"Fatherland" on this week 1958 publishes radio skit "Liberation" of the Russian pavilion at the international fair in Brussels: "I went up to the board with books. School books, scientific journals, then … what? — I rubbed my eyes. So that I did not get up this place: Bible Gospel! Or I can kind of anti-Marxist force in the Vatican Pavilion flipped? I Jumped out of the pavilion as if stung. Turned around — no, though our, Russian. Already after guessed: the Bible, the Gospel — a product for export … "
"Lim" on this week 1978 published an official statement: "April 22, 1978 hosted the All-Union communist Saturday dedicated to the 108th anniversary a day or birthday Lenin. In a volunteer assumed the role of over 147 million people … Industrial products produced by 794 million rubles. According to preliminary data, earned and transferred to the Tenth Five-fund 163 million rubles. Union communist Saturday appeared garish demonstration of the highest consciousness and patriotism of the Russian people. "
"Announcements" in 1998 under the title "rewarded, taking the" gold "notes:" In Seville, our gymnasts more fortunate enough in this kind of competition as the Olympic biathlon. A silver medal in this discipline took the Spanish team. The piquancy of the moment is that … its origins in Seville gymnasts must specifically Spanish Gymnastics Federation, which paid fare "poor Belarusians".

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