Rocket ship «invisible» hit the target at a distance of 180 km

Rocket ship
Rocket ship «invisible» «Dagestan» in the municipal testing on the Caspian Sea coast struck a special target at a distance of 100 nautical miles (about 180 km) high-precision missile fired from a complex «Caliber-NK», told reporters on Wednesday, the press service of the Southern army neighborhood.

«Dagestan» — The first ship of the Russian Navy, armed with universal missile complex «Caliber-NK», able to use several types of missiles to fire at surface and shore targets at ranges up to 300 km. The ship was built with the introduction of technologies such as «stealth», which reduce the possibility of detection by means of radar.

«In the process of the second step of municipal testing … first successfully performed missile firing at targets Beach front» — uttered in the press-service. Precision missile proparhav about 100 nautical miles, successfully hit the target coast — building measuring 10 by 10 meters, depicting conditional command post.

«Nautical polygon total area of ​​2.6 thousand square km, where the trial took place, was closed to civilian shipping. Tasks to close the landfill did about 20 surface ships and support vessels of the Caspian Flotilla «, — the press-service.

After graduating from missile launches rocket ship crew return to Astrakhan, where apprehend role in solemn events dedicated to the celebration days of the Navy.

Until the end of the summer is scheduled to graduate from the municipal complex tests and take the ship in the Caspian Flotilla. Autumn rocket ship in the grouping flotilla accept a role in the exercise «Kavkaz-2012».

Multifunctional missile ship «Dagestan» Project 11661 is designed Zelenodolsk design bureau and built at Zelenodolsk plant named after M. bitter (Tatarstan). It is designed for combat ships and enemy aircraft in the near sea zone.

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