Roman apologized Mentyukov

To detain intoxicated reckless driver, the police blocked the random state inspection car in which people remained. Roman Mentyukov incriminated in violation of traffic rules with consequences as serious injuries. During this Criminal Code provides for up to 5 years imprisonment or restrictions.
Roman Mentyukov
relies on a more lenient punishment. He absolutely admits his guilt and says that he wants to start a conscientious life, to work, to make up for the damage caused by his action. This Roman Mentyukov said to reporters the whole country:

"I am sorry for what I did. I tried to live like a normal person, tied with crime, but so happened to me. As a result, innocent people suffered. And I ask these people, if it may be, is not something that I regret or justify, but … I povinet one word. "

Even the nearby Roman Mentyukov it was hard to hear because of the camera chatter. Perhaps for the first time in Belarus in court reporters were given the opportunity to take pictures throughout the process. Paid great attention to the process and municipal TV channels. In particular, all the personality to motivate Roman Mentyukov.
He is 28 years old, of which about 8 he served behind bars.
He is 28 years old, of which about 8 he served behind bars. At Roman Mentyukov already had 4 convictions. At trial, he said, and the fifth — he was tried for stealing a bottle of milk when he was serving a "chemistry". But the prosecutor suggested not to consider it for a conviction because such acts have already been translated into the sphere of administrative responsibility.

Another feature that characterizes the defendant Roman Mentyukov never had a driver’s license, but on March 2, still a lot of traveling on Belarus. In Moscow he met with friends, drank wine and sat behind the wheel, went to Minsk. Driving, as he admits, with a speed of 150-160 km per hour. "Pinning their hopes to get away from the traffic police officials," — explained to his deeds Mentyukov. Defendant also stated that the barriers of vehicles across the highway saw. Shining lights of blue and reddish color, which lead the brakes on Mentyukov, SAI does not included:

"It seems that they have included emergency lights, then I would have realized that you can not continue. And I beheld that moving cars, I overtook them, looked in the rearview mirror, and suddenly kick. All."
Mentyukov says he does not remember how the tragedy occurred
I recall three months reversed the trial of police traffic police were that flashers on police car Tipo were included, and means "true offender was stopped, only it was not enough time." But the victims have not confirmed this. According to the views of some members of the court of Roman Mentyukov it was not by chance — his testimony about flashers could be decisive and to assure unprofessional conduct is not only certain police officers, and their superiors. Or hiding Mentyukov in Moscow? He himself says that no, that went there to work, signing only consent that his administrative case can be considered without it. The fact that the wanted list, vyznat Tipo exclusively in June. In Moscow, Roman worked Mentyukov "factory climber" and earned a lot of money who do not manage to get. According to prosecutors, on Mentyukov hanging another criminal case — of stealing a mobile phone. Injured in Yuri Pashkevych and

Lena Kavpakova

Sorry for the Roman Mentyukov Comment out as if to say, well, when a person repents, and it must be sent to jail, decides to let the tribunal. Yuri and Lena Pashkevych Kavpakova comment apologies Mentyukov But former traffic police Gennady Dorogokupets and Alexei Likhtarovich, do not believe in its correction. Also believes the policeman
Alexander Kondratenya
who pursued Mentyukov car traffic police:
"I think no one correct or lattice, nor himself. Maimed so many fates, including the fate of employees of traffic police."
Incidentally, Gennady Dorogokupets and Alexei Likhtarovich dismissed from the police and to this day can not find work anywhere. Any one of them has to pay about 6 thousand dollars compensation.

As for the Roman Mentyukov, he asks the tribunal to consider the fact that his wife will soon give birth to a baby Olga. But the trial has revealed contradictions between wives Mentyukov. Olga in all said it will file for divorce on that Roman replied, "Well, Give." Tomorrow, October 29, during oral arguments begin., Tags:, business, living, shield, sonorous

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