Russia won the battle for Central Asia?

Russia won the battle for Central Asia?
Central Asia has long been not come so much positive news for Russia as for the last few days. It would seem that the endless vytorgovyvaniya preferences by certain politicians Central Asian republics will last forever, that he could not find the point will allow the military-political and economic contact with the Russian Federation.

And so began one after another come announcements that Central Asian countries decided to go on a clear rapprochement with Moscow. Initially, the State newsmaker in this regard was Tajikistan, where the authorities rather abruptly for many announced on extension of Russian 201st another 20-29 years. Fundamentally to extend any sensation not at some point such a document would be signed, but that’s what would be the rent — a question. Specifically, the value of the rent is the main friction between Moscow and Dushanbe. But the results of recent agreements between Russia and Tajikistan is not enough to predict who would take. The fact that the President of Tajikistan announced that its wholly no rent with Russia does not want to charge. In other words, the Russian military units remain in the Republic of Tajikistan on a grant basis in fact. The only condition that put the Tajik authorities — this support from the Russian military in the case of those with anger or other forces against Tajikistan.

Reuters has reported that no comment about why the Dushanbe suddenly decided to abandon charging rent from Moscow or Tajik or Russian authorities do not give. As they say, think, gentlemen foreigners themselves …
Of course, it is obvious that the Tajik authorities are concerned about what is happening in the world today. Upregulation of Islamists throughout the planet, which is cultivated by certain forces can play a very bad role, including, for Tajikistan. If we consider the fact that the South American troops, at least, according to the today’s South American President Barack Obama, will be withdrawn from Afghanistan in 2014, then one never knows, the Islamist movements can design with the latest power splashed in the Central Asian region. Tajikistan would be entirely possible to state, toward which, sorry, trample all who on their own site obviously can not sit still.

In this regard, you can read that Rahmon made their own choices, as soon all began to realize that the banner of the Arab revolution would hurl all of a sudden actually over at least some country in the world where you can nurture active armed opposition. By the way, in Tajikistan, such opposition has for many years. Refers to the Gorno-Badakhshan, which, as already shown nedavneshnie action is in a very difficult relationship with the official Dushanbe. And if certain forces could not be presently concerned more extensive neuvvyazkami, the «democratic asphalt» totally could «walk» through the streets of Tajik cities and villages.

In addition to news about the reached agreements with Moscow coming from Tajikistan to the Russian Federation and came to hear from the other Central Asian countries. Virtually days are accomplished meeting Russian and Kyrgyz presidents, during which were achieved truly breakthrough agreement.

Vladimir Putin was able to arrange with Almazbek Atambayev is not just about saving a military base in the Kyrgyz Kant, and the expansion of the Russian presence in the country. Refers to the fact that in 2017 in Kyrgyzstan will start to operate a military cluster serviced by Russian servicemen. Except for the air base in Kant, is a question of a distant connection node of the Russian Navy in Chui (Kara-Balta), on the basis of the test torpedoes on Lake Issyk-Kul (Karakol) war seismic stations in the Issyk-Kul and Jalalabad ( Ichke Suu Maili-Suu).
It is reported that all of the Russian military facilities in Kyrgyzstan will work for 15 years. In other words, if no additional agreements reached will not be forthcoming, the term of the lease, which asks Bishkek 4.5 million dollars a year to expire only in 2032.

Russian side has currently states that the full readiness to conduct a complex modernization activities, as some objects on the terrain of Kyrgyzstan are now in quite a pickle. Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that the update will be held on the runway at the airport «Kant», whereby it is able to take aircraft Russian strategic aviation. Planned all objects related to the Defense Ministry, as the CSTO and combine into a single cluster for more efficient management.

Recall that initially favorite Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev said that is willing to sign a contract on the extension of Russia’s lease of a number of military facilities, but only for less than 5 years. Moscow insisted on 49 years of the lease term. Eventually managed to find a compromise solution, which was reflected in the fact that Russian military presence in the Central Asian country of 15 years, starting in 2017.

Not counting arrangements in terms of military cooperation, Moscow and Bishkek unable to agree on the fact that our homeland will participate in the construction and tinning Upper Naryn cascade HPP also Kambarata 1. It is reported that these objects posodeystvuyut Kyrgyzstan solve the problem of overdue electricity shortage for increasing the production sector.

But talking about the economic and political-military ways rapprochement between Russia and Kyrgyzstan can not lose sight of the very noticeable element. It is the fate of the U.S. military base in the Kyrgyz Manas. Here Kyrgyzstan favorite looked pretty tough, and again uttered the words that read earlier: at Manas airport should become a purely civilian and South American soldiers will have to leave the base in 2014. With all of this Vladimir Putin has promised to help Bishkek «ograzhdanivat» Manas as abilities.

If all the agreements, which were discussed above, will indeed be implemented, we can only say that after a long ordeal, weighing «for» and «against» the leaders of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan did-did their own choices. And this choice, we must assume — a partnership with Russia.

But we know very well that the Central Asian favorites possess such qualities political nature, in which at least some of their partnership should occur based on the beliefs of real benefit. And if for the benefit of Tajikistan we, like, figured out what prompted the sudden still rapprochement with Moscow sovereign Atambayev? And pushed, so that he even has permitted himself to say words like «great Russia,» «Russia — our main strategic partner,» «Without RF we have no future» — and stuff like that. Ah well.

The fact that such a sudden onset of love for the Russian Federation in the Kyrgyz favorite manifested not the case: Russian management decided to write off Kyrgyzstan’s debt to 489 million dollars, of which 189 million dollars written off immediately, and the other 300 million will be written off in stages until 2016.

Generally, in the near future, the government of our country serve as major donors budget funds to other nations of the world: Kyrgyzstan — half a billion, North Korea — almost 10 billion dollars. Who’s next? ..

It turns out that 489 million blamed Bishkek, Bishkek, and now also with Russia again going to take money for the lease of military bases. Naturally, make friends with the neighbors is useful, but something in this friendship is still alarming. It is not difficult mathematical calculations can be calculated that if the rent Bishkek 4.5 million dollars a year the same objects could be rented for as much as 108.5 years! And now here agreed on 15 … Let’s lay it particularly the case when «happiness is not about money …»

Leaving aside all these debts written off, hunting believe that the agreement reached with Dushanbe and Bishkek will be really useful for Russia. After all, we have something you know perfectly well how these Central Asian favorites unchanged. And now the «Great Russia», and tomorrow, forget about when written-off debt, «imperial ambitions» and all that …


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