Russian citizen complaint did not satisfy

Recall the incident occurred April 13. Sergei Ostrovsky claims that Belarusian police pulled Tipo bribe and beat him, but in order to avoid liability, falsified charges against him in foul language.
"Referee rather the fact that Sergei Ostrovsky previously pleaded guilty. Fact that the process in the Central Court was not eyewitnesses, and my client was not given a lawyer, arbitrator also knew, but did not consider it significant. Certainly, my client’s rights were violated, and I do not rule out that he will continue to challenge the police actions, "- said after the complaint Sergei Ostrovsky his lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya. Previously explained to the lawyer that Sergei Ostrovsky pleaded guilty only to avoid arrest in Minsk bullpen.
What claims to traffic police have known public figures with a decent driving experience?
Favourite UCP Anatol Lyabedzka has a driver’s license since 1978.

"Once was replaced and became part of the traffic police officers on the roads, many employees will find out. This is also a plus. As for problem situations, they appear when the traffic police managed security services. And such situations I had a few. "
Cases of unjustified termination and testing machines Anatoly Lebedko largely relate to travel on opposition meeting in regions or at campaign events, with the proliferation of newspapers and propaganda materials.

Lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya protects the interests of Russian citizen Sergei Ostrovsky, who is trying to challenge the verdict of the Central District Court of Minsk city court.
"Sergei Ostrovsky tried without witnesses, without a lawyer. Why? Is it not a legitimate basis for cancellation of the sentence? My client denies protocol whereby Tipo swore at police officers. It states that had to plead guilty, otherwise he would have given Exchange is not fine, and a few days of arrest. other day he departed in our bullpen night, conditions were terrible, because he was ready to accept anything, just do not fall into the slammer again. Additionally, each day being in Minsk for Sergei Ostrovsky, who there is a large employer, threatened loss of huge amounts of money. "

Affected as a result of "special operation" traffic police, "human shields" for part of the route Minsk-Mikashevichy received an invitation to appear on May 14 to study the case in Minsk regional prosecutor’s office.
This was confirmed by one of the unwitting participants in the operation Alexei BERESNEV:
"We invited the next day to the prosecutor.Maybe tomorrow and utter something more understandable. But I understand that their last day tomorrow just the allotted time under consideration of the case. Previously, we were only given testimony. "

Sergei Ostrovsky in Germany.
In an interview with Liberty, he said,
"At the moment I am in Germany on business. Tribunal went on, and in general in your Belarus will not go. No complaints about its own interest, it is not likely to satisfy. This is evidenced by the level of legality in the courts of Belarus and how one structure covers another. "
"In Belarus no longer come"

"How are the traffic police of the Russian Federation to the Belarusian drivers?"
With this issue our correspondent Ming turned to the people who often travel on Russian roads.

"If something broke — give the inspector a bribe"
Sergei Skrabets Pronunciation:

"The attitude of the Belarusians the same as that to the Russians: if you broke something, give a bribe — and then you can go on. And do not give money, and do not let go. In short, as a means of taking and taking. "

Alexander works in the Russian company and ride on wagons with Russian numbers:
"We are not quite stopped. How goes Belarusian or Lithuanian or Polish — so immediately stopped," Well, come here. "They drive and fear, because they constantly stir up trouble. Give $ 100 Russian and going on. Protocol No do not constitute, nothing. "

"They move and fear"
April 13
Russian car with numbers, which went to Minsk Sergei Ostrovsky with friends, was arrested for speeding the Metropolitan Traffic Police. Sergei was invited to the police car to make the report. In violation of the Russians did not agree. According to him, the police warned that he will have the right to take back to St. Petersburg, where he is registered, and were given to understand that you can solve the problem of over bribe. Ostrovsky Emperor refused and said that this proposal will record in the minutes. That’s what the Russians mentioned the upcoming:
"Traffic police began yelling for libel and that I will be planted, and later a policeman, who was sitting behind me, grabbed me by the neck, and another that was left, hit me in the jaw and in the temple."
Sovereign Ostrovsky initially sent to the department, and later in jail. The next day he was taken to the Central District administrative tribunal judges Tatiana Paulyuchuk. He was fined for disorderly conduct.
Checking MIA took the side of the police. But the Russians filed an appeal. He runs a large computer company and argues that as a result of these events, lost a large sum of several 10’s of thousands of dollars. But over Sergei Ostrovsky was outraged appeal police and the fact that they cover the "top".
Protects Russians lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya.

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