Russian oil pipeline will bypass Belarus

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that more economically and environmentally non-hazardous lovely option — prakladanne pipeline to Ust-Luga. In the Baltic meant to build the terminal, and problems with downloading BPS-2 will not. Putin said that already had a conversation with the President of Kazakhstan and Kazakh colleagues here have intrigued.

Oil prices allow Russia produces, not economic politicized projects

According to analysts Russian agency RusEnergy Misha Krutikhin, Russian intentions hand very severe:
"Large oil prices allow Russia produces not economic, and thoroughly politicized projects. This pipeline, which turns from the borders of Belarus and vorachivaetsya almost reversed, coming to the shores of the Baltic. According schemes that I have in Belarus will delivered from 18 to 20 million tons per year old pipes to provide two Belarusian refineries, where the interests of Russian companies. On this point. Everything else will be closed. "
Sovereign Krutikhin reminded that oil supplies in the Baltic countries through the "Friendship" has stopped.

BPS-2 oil pipeline bypassing Belarus

Thought construction of the BPS-2, candidates "Friendship", appeared in the Belarusian-Russian oil conflict first of the year. Then Belarus for a few days to block the transit of oil through Russian "Friendship" in Europe

You need to forget all the discussions that we have a transit country

Commenting on the days of the probable accession of the EU to the South American sanctions, the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told Reuters recommend Europe not forget that through Belarus is half oil, half of the oil and 30% gas. According to Lukashenko, their actions with regard to Belarus West tries to damage the bridge, which are flowing oil and gas flow.
Relatively BTS-2 project, managing center "Strategy" Leonid Stutterer Pronunciation:
"We need to forget about all the discussions that we have a transit country, that we have a comfortable geographical position that we bridge. We — not the bridge, we just sit under the bridge. Belarus needs to get rid of the syndrome of earning money by pumping Russian oil or gas and engage innovatorskoy own economies. Curiously, no Putin discusses the problem of Belarus. Russian authority in the case of Belarus is not interested. This is an indicator of the real case management in Belarus. "
Construction of the BPS-2 lobbying as the new head of the company "Transneft" and Prime Minister Putin.

According to the control center Yaroslav Mises Romanchuk, Our homeland shows that without political concessions will not be subsidizing the Belarusian economy after 2011. And it marks the transition to the more stringent conditions. Because in 2009 Belarus may have cost 200 bucks for gas other than that at the moment, the conditions for oil.
"If you lose a transit fee for 80-100 million tons — it is such a painful blow to our economy, for geopolitical position. Given that the firm exporting oil from Russia — these are companies that are controlled by Putin’s friends, who also can not agree with Belarus, it is a very tough position. All the promises-trinkets that handed Lukashenko should materialize. Either he will relinquish the West — and we will have a democratic country, or he will fall behind of — and there will be a threat to our independence. "
May 14 telephone conversation Alexander Lukashenko and Victor Yushchenko states discussed cooperation in the energy sector, reports the press service of the Belarusian president. "Parties agreed to resume dialogue on energy principle for both sides of issues spotted themes and electricity transit through the Belarusian countryside and the supply of oil," — said in a statement BelTA. Tags: Putin, the pipeline

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