S.Kalinkina: Lupita power mirror that shows her face

Karatkevich: It has been a lot said about the searches in the apartments of journalists, media-independent offices, were used all sorts of adjectives, nouns like "violence." First — Your emotional recollection of that?
Kalinkina: Frankly, I was terrified for their own friends and acquaintances, who cooperate with these radios as some I could not get through immediately, as from the 1st of the members received the SMS-ku, that their being searched. But do not say that it was a surprise to me, because if the Belarusian authorities are talking about outdoor style, I came to this idea that first, what they will do — then peel it mirror that indicates what kind of power in nature. Unfortunately, the way it dabylosya.
Karatkevich: Say neuzh the impact media, electrical and radio channel "Belsat" so powerful that it is necessary to carry out such a large-scale public action?
Kalinkina: Impacts, in fact, should be divided — the impact vnutribelorussky and external audiences. Indeed, in Belarus slightly listeners, for sure, and the audience in these media. But analysts in the West — it is a very important source of information. Because the Belarusian authorities knew what they were doing and why.
I have only one question: why did they do it at the moment, because you know, even on March 17 signed a decree to conduct these searches, but March 27 was such a massive roundup of journalists. And there may be different options, why specifically in this day. But it makes sense that it happened.
Karatkevich: Call the 1st of our constant listeners, we got now in the evening and who was involved in our conversation:
Listener: I was wondering about which the independence of journalists can be read as if they are working on "Radio Radio Station", the TV company, which is located in Poland, and it gives money to Poland and other European countries? About that their independence can be read as if they feed, sorry, from abroad?
Karatkevich: And in Belarus itself non-state press called "opposition press" because, apparently, Belarus lacks a partisan press, and non-state press reports including that. which makes the opposition. Svetlana, your comment?
KalinkinaThis is not very original outlook listener … I believe that the press is much more independent than the current municipal media that feed seems to you of our tax money from those who support the authorities or who criticizes her.
In fact, money is not determined by the independence and objectivity of the journalist, and determines the position of mufti of people who work in the media or otherwise. In this sense, those who work in the media-independent and do not lust government orders, they are much more independent than those of our colleagues who sing under the given tune.
Karatkevich: We asked to speak about the events of March 27 passers-by on the streets.
Listen poll:

Karatkevich: In the last days, starting from the days of Will, we have a huge problem with that, so to reach members of our gear, because Svetlana did not hear the end of our interview. Most of the students had read that such actions authority wants to take control of information in Belarus. Tell me, would you describe the kind of transformation of municipal media, their work over the past 10 years? Either they have changed, and if so, in what direction?
KalinkinaI agree one hundred percent in this case with the audience. Control of information — this is propaganda. And municipal media specifically in this direction and moving.
Now you can see that propaganda is not only in the political reports or political materials. Journalists who write stories and take pictures on the theme of health, education or culture, but at the moment very carefully adhere to the strip, which is defined above, and unfortunately it shows Prof. degradation journalists, because the goal of our profession — a fundamentally different. The purpose of our profession — to assert the public interest over the interests of the country.
Karatkevich: The United Democratic Forces expressed outrage events around-independent journalists. Foreign and Belarusian human rights organizations also opposed. We get a lot of calls about that, how to behave in times of opposition between the shares.
Listener: Our opposition is unable to protect the people, it is only capable of young people vyvestsi rods under power. Kozulin herded into jail and have forgotten about it, and themselves through such tricks earn for himself the capital. Look, they say, we are fighting against dictatorship. Such opposition work — shame! Paul Davydenko.
KaratkevichSvetlana if there’s a reason?
Kalinkina: The radio really is. The opposition has no existing tools to protect working people, as it should be at least the system, its members must be at least in the parliament, and even better in a coalition government that remains for us only goal. Another thing is that, here I agree with the listener, not always even those interested in the opposition neuvvyazkami that trevozhut ordinary people do not always respond to them, and from time to time, when there are some prosaic difficulties Policy climb with political questions covering their community or something that people do not curious … I think that our opposition should be able to search for a common language with their constituents. While in question on various topics and in various languages.
KaratkevichSvetlana, you’ve decided to become a journalist?
KalinkinaIt started quite the case — to our school was visited by journalists of the Belarusian Radio record for applets story for teenagers. We expressed some of his judgments about alcohol, drinking in the midst of difficulties minors. And after a number of days with a cry flew headmaster that I seek out of the Belarusian Radio — they thought I had a good voice for radio. So I was leading applets for teens on the Belarusian Radio, and later entered the faculty of journalism. I love my profession and have never regretted that I specifically chose it.
Karatkevich: What do you, the defining features in the work of the journalist?
Kalinkina: The most important thing — the enthusiasm of the people and their ability to listen. After a journalist can not be at least some spices in the topic. And I see a lot of years in this profession, that nothing in it comes from those who reads more than listening. Enthusiasm to people, events, internal honesty — this is important.
Karatkevich: Your wish listeners "Freedom"?
Kalinkina: I would not lose courage, be fair with themselves and their friends, and so close were decent people. Tags: media, Kalinkina raid on KGB

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