S.Parsyukevich meets day birthday behind bars

For the first time have to meet Sergei Parsyukevich day birthday behind bars. Which criteria turned activist movement of entrepreneurs?
Wife of businessman Natalia says: if it were not for the arrest and the tribunal, now husband certainly would have been on the market.
"In part, we worked on it day of birth. He is a film for greenhouses conducted trade, and currently just the best season for this business. Would work until the evening, and later the house would suit a festive dinner. In the near future today often in the evening went to the cottage for kebabs "- says Natalia Parsukevich.
Natalia Parsukevich every day sends letters to his wife. Sent to jail festive card. Wished health and courage to withstand the difficulties that have fallen to the spouse in the bullpen. Now the solemn meal in the house lady has no plans.
"I’ll call my mother Sergei congratulate her with her son, and nothing more. Boring without him."
I called mom prisoner Vera Fedorovna on her mobile phone to congratulate him funny day birth offspring. Mood of my opponent was not solemn.
"Sorry, I’m in tears. Sent him a telegram now, congratulate him on his birthday funny day, I wish you health. Happiness. I currently on the market Smolensk, where he worked. Here his friends passed his congratulations and best wishes to frolic freed . "
While Sergei Parsyukevich is Zhodino remand, but it may be a day or transferred to another colony. Application to transfer businessman wrote himself time to accelerate the operation — it is urgently necessary to remove polyps because he chokes. Respiratory disease Sergei Parsyukevich got Baikonur while serving in the armed forces of cosmic USSR.
In conclusion, the disease worsened. In Zhodino remand operation do not, because the prisoner agreed to transfer to the colony, without waiting for the appeal against the sentence. Natalia Parsukevich believes that her husband does not believe in that city Tribunal may justify it.
Which criteria contain a political prisoner?
"There’s just too small, as in the Minsk detention center, but the smallness of the best food" — remember the last MP Valery Shchukin, Sitting in Zhodino remand few years ago. Valery Shchukin convinced that prison tradition — a day to celebrate the birth of the prisoner homemade cake — certainly support colleague Sergei Parsyukevich the camera.
"Yes, they’re preparing cake. With condensed milk, biscuits, chocolates. Must also make a nice man, somehow congratulate."
Day hearing of the appeal Sergei Parsyukevich the Minsk City Court has not yet been appointed, the lawyer said the prisoner Vera Stramkouskaya. Tags: bullpen, day, Parsukevich, birth

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