S.Parsyukevich: Prison system degrades human

Sergei Parsyukevich and not transferred to a colony of Zhodino Detention Facility. Prisoner requested translation, referring to the need for surgery in the prison clinic, and you can only get there from the colony.
Here is a quote from a letter from a prisoner at will: "The whole system of prison life is focused on the humiliation of the man who got here. Zhodino in This is the meaninge is the "best" results. By personality are worse than a beast. I personally can not do that to anyone relates. All this in my sight, and I can not do this "- says Sergei Parsyukevich letter of Zhodino insulator.
For domestic criterion Sergei Parsyukevich reported: "At 12 seats — 20 people. Sometimes sitting in the dark night, nowhere to go," — says a political prisoner.
Sergei Parsyukevich wife Natalia hopes even before consideration of his appeal to see him in prison. Lady sent to the tribunal a corresponding statement. From a letter to wife Natalya Parsukevich can imagine in what criteria will be held this date.
"He wrote what there date. Inmates who come to meetings, they say. There, in Zhodino prison, huge room broken glass. Talking on the phone, and sits next to the keeper, who listens to all."
Let me remind you, Sergei Parsyukevich after meeting business was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. Own guilt activist entrepreneurial movement is not recognized. Sergei Parsyukevich complaint against the verdict Minsk City Tribunal make out on May 30.
Andrei Kim from the Minsk detention center transferred to Bobruisk colony. Meanwhile cassation appeal against the sentence activist also not considered. What people say about this colony experienced people? According to a former political prisoner Timothy Dranchuk in Bobruisk colony to This time had a good reputation.
"At the moment there are few conditions worsened, but all the same, in comparison, for example, the colony number 1, "Vitba", there is more household abilities. From there, you can even call, unofficially of course. And the regime itself, as in the colony number 1, no. There morally still easier. "
Mom activist Tatyana Kim was not able to pass the offspring odezhku year.
"Now I will ask goodbye and took things in Bobruisk. If only gave a date."
Let me remind you, Andrei Kim Tipo for assaulting a police officer was sentenced to one and a half years in prison.
Visit Alexander Kozulin colony is going to a lawyer. The meeting is scheduled for the following week. A lawyer is going to discuss with his client the ability upcoming legal fight for his release. Alexander Kozulin left behind bars over 2-years of 5 and a half, for which it has punished the Metropolitan Tribunal of Minsk. Many people in Belarus and the world implies that he is being persecuted as a former presidential candidate. Tags: Kozulin, Parsukevich, com

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