S.Parsyukevich sentence — two and a half years bullpen

20:39 Referee sentenced S.Parsyukevich 2.5 years in prison general regime. S.Parsyukevich must also pay a policeman Dulub 1 million 100 thousand compensation for moral suffering. The verdict was greeted clicks
20:28 The arbitrator acknowledged S. Parsyukevich guilty
in beating policemen Dulub.
In the courtroom brought Sergei Parsyukevich. The audience greeted him with applause. Referee began to read the verdict.

In court, the metropolitan area of about 30 people waiting for the verdict S. Parsyukevich. In the midst of others to support activist policy came L.Gryaznova, P. Sevyarynets, A. Shumchanka favorite businessmen.
17:05 With the last word was Sergei Parsyukevich. He stated that, nothing do not povinet
swears in front of his own family:
"I did the last policeman, retired MIA. I know what might end the attack on policemen, even more so in the slammer. ‘Cause he would never no hassle. Confirmation that prosecutors gathered contradict each other. We beheld that they are adjusted almost courtroom. During that incident, I initially defended his honor, and later I had to defend his life. And what did Alexander Dulub falls under the article of the Criminal Code on abuse of power with the introduction of violence. During this the punishment of 10 years and Dulub do everything to avoid this responsibility. " The arbitrator stated that.
verdict will be announced in the lumen of the time 19:30 — 20.30
Lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya urged to justify Parsiukevich hundred percent, because the tribunal found no motive guilt or evidence. 16:21 Lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya
said that the investigation was of a biased nature. January 22 is, for example, was in Akrestsin, but she did not say anything about it. (Nn.by)
16:08 The prosecutor claimed for Parsiukevich.
three years bullpen
15:52 Expel from the hall lamented the president of the court The metropolitan area of Anatolia Savich, who sent his own assistant process.. Trial resumed with the role of the public
Attorney Sergei Kunashev acts. He supported the accusation.
15:30. Questioning witnesses ended Witnesses for the defense Pavel Vinogradov and Alexander leader Parsiukevich words confirmed that police attacked Dulub defendant. Expected to start disputes

15:20 Referee deleted all present hall due to the fact that the public resoundingly responded to the petition of the victim Dulub about monetary compensation for his mental suffering. Policeman estimated his anguish, 2 million rubles
because he had scratches on his face, could not go anywhere, because looked like a bully, even refused an invitation to visit. 14:05 Trial resumed after the break. Support came Parsiukevich, Alexander Milinkevich, Lyudmila Hraznova Mom Andrei Kim, Tatyana Kim

some also convicted in the "Case of 14." In the hall there are more than 10 civil servants dressed in police and security services

13:00 Now the trial Sergei Parsyukevich lasted questioning witnesses. Witness was questioned, Nicholas Gorbatchevski
longshoreman, who lives in a village near Minsk Tsnyanka. He served five days in jail for disorderly conduct. Gorbatchevski testified early conflict between Parsyukevich and policeman Alexander Dulub but confused in the testimony. At first, he pointed to a policeman, Vadim Yakimchik
it Tipo one who gave the order to get out of bed Parsyukevich. And only after Gorbachev’s remarks judge acknowledged that confused police. In-2, The Gorbachev said that Parsukevich never swore obscenities. But the prosecutor read the affidavit in which Gorbachev’s claims that Parsukevich neprelichno bellicose. Gorbachev’s talked to him that maybe then he remembered better.
Parsukevich also noted that for some reason Gorbachevsky testimony word for word the same as the testimony of a policeman Vadim Yakimchik. Gorbachev’s explained to the investigator wrote in his words. After which he was questioned by another eyewitness, an activist movement of entrepreneurs. Alexander Taustyka

Process begins. In the courtyard led S.Parsyukevicha court costs paddy. In the courtroom, several employees in the civil intelligence agencies. Relatives are entrepreneurs. The trial of businessman Sergei Parsyukevich began at the Metropolitan Court. Minsk April 22

His blame beating policemen. The greatest punishment for this charge — up to 6 years in prison. Tags: entrepreneurs, Taustyka, Parsukevich

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