S.Parsyukevich — tend to escape?

Favourite entrepreneurial movement for his role in a protest rally on January 10, was sentenced to 2.5 years imprisonment, by the court — for beating a policeman.
In prison S.Parsyukevicha warned that may in his personal file record: "Inclined to escape." About what happened, the wife of a businessman Natalia learned from his letter:
"When was Radunitsa, he was very upset that he was not the father to the cemetery. He is such an icon, and he put it out the window because there was nowhere to put more. Watchmen stopped, yelled, pronounced clean, otherwise write comment that tends to escape. Since touched the window, to the grid. "
In Zhodino remand are also policemen who also guard and sentenced to indefinite detention in Zhodinskaya colony. Specifically explain this extreme ruthlessness watchmen appeal with the prisoners in Zhodino.
What are the consequences for a prisoner transfer in "tend to escape?" Last political prisoner Valery Levonevsky states that it is spot on svoeasablbivaya always punishment:
"At night may come, inspect, shine a flashlight. A couple of times a day should come and celebrate. "
V. Levonevsky considers danger adresok S.Parsyukevicha illegal, as indeed required considerable promise, that the prisoner was taken to the list of "prone to escape." Another problem is that if such a decision will accept his challenge unreal. "Our courts do not accept complaints about the conditions of detention," adds the last political prisoner Valery Levonevsky.
In Minsk remand continues to wait for the appeal hearing Andrew Kim, who was sentenced to one and a half years in prison. Not so long ago Andrew was treated in the prison clinic Republican from inflammation of the eye. According to the prisoner’s mother Tatyana Kim, course of treatment went to his advantage.
On days of T.Kim tried to pass offspring in jail summer clothes, but she refused, saying that the first offspring should give her winter odezhku: have both winter and summer can not be right. Tags: political prisoners Parsukevich, Zhodino, com

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