S.Parsyukevich: This is a political execution

S.Parsyukevich must also pay a policeman Dulub 1 million 100 thousand compensation for moral suffering.
After the verdict Sergei Parsyukevich said: "This is a political execution. Do not leave without the support of my family!"
"Lukashenko is afraid of my dad"
Wife ParsiukevichNatalia the verdict went to the judge’s office to convey unhealthy spouse asthma medication. "The referee did not take pharmaceuticals, drove me out of the office." Scion S.Parsyukevicha 13-year-old Denis said: "Lukashenko is afraid of my father and he takes revenge for his political activities."
"This is a disaster for the family — for his wife and son"
Sentence S.Parsyukevich commented favorite association "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka:
"In war — as in war. I am shocked. This is a disaster for the family — for his wife and son. It will be two and a half years of tests for his family. Really wanted to believe that Sergei is now with his loved ones, his wife and co cynam …
Entrepreneurs are now not on the side of the country and the system. And again, it showed that everyone who has a different look or a plainclothes position, it will be aggressively resisted.
And it is a signal to all businessmen. And this signal entrepreneurs will make their own way and not in favor of the state system.
This first sentence of personal businessman in modern Belarus — such was not previously. In other words, the system has opened doors bullpen for personal business. And the first went through those doors Sergei Parsyukevich. I think he’s not the last. The government will not give up the slack for business. "
"This verdict around entrepreneurial movement"
One of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement, associate Sergei Parsyukevich Ales Makaeu:
"Sergei Parsyukevich verdict — the verdict is around the movement of entrepreneurs, business associations, who are trying to defend their rights. This signal itself: who will be nominated to be punished ruthlessly and cynically without law. Ailing man to throw in jail for anything — it’s just and there. "
"The system of oppression gaining exposure"
Statkevich expressed his outlook on the circumstances of fierce sentence Sergei Parsyukevich:
"You can find two prerequisites. 1st: system of oppression that exists in our country, gaining exposure and more to shield himself. If it so happens that a lot of thought to myself for a warrant officer in Akrestsin and beat the man, who was the tenth day of the hunger strike and, incidentally, in handcuffs, then later, horrified, that will have to answer, he turned to "senior comrades" and sacrifice made by the offender.
Second reason, which prompted even more for such a development: Parsukevich — democracy activist. He was sitting not for the fact that his wife beat intoxicated and for having participated in a demonstration in defense of their rights, and in Vitebsk, he was one of the most promising democratic favorites. "
"Now the penal system can do without the institution of the court"
Last political prisoner Paul Seviarynets:
"Today’s Tribunal on Sergei Parsyukevich indicates that the current law enforcement and essentially punitive system can do without the institution of the court. Indictment, prosecutors formulated, committeemen and militiamen configurations without actually converted to a verdict.
At the moment there is only the courts in order to stamped these decisions and tighten the regular people in the radial bail regime.
Strictly speaking, lawyers now can not do their functions. The only thing that they are able to do for the current political prisoners — to be a "shuttle", walkers, people who bring some information and try to reach the international structures. Their advocacy functions in full, of course, can not do. Completely no attention to the work of a lawyer in court. "
"Sergei Parsyukevich as Andrei Kim, there is a political prisoner"
First deputy chairman of the BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka:
"Sergei Parsyukevich as Andrei Kim, as well as those who are sentenced to correctional labor, there is a political prisoner. And hence no question of progress contrived power that rules in Belarus can not take place. And no freezing of the death penalty can not justify the fact that we have an increasing number of political prisoners.
We litsezreem as systematically destroying government protest specifically small business, as they fear the target of protest politically informed on economic issues.
I think you need to revise the democratic forces of certain approaches to the situation in the country. We we see, that the decisions of the 1st center. "
"This is a new challenge as the international community"
Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Igor Rynkevich:
"The verdict illegal and not based on proof. Impossible to read that he is very cruel, it must be quite an acquittal.
This is almost another political prisoner, who, like Andrew Kim and youth activists connected to Alexander Kozulin, to intimidate the youth that individual entrepreneurs and politicians. And later traded with the West, that he recognized the so called "stylish victory" in the parliamentary elections, took some trade and customs restrictions, visa later … This is another political victim. This is a new challenge as well as international society and every Belarusian, who wants to change. "

"The European Union and other organizations to react to it. And not only statements"

MEP Justas Paleckis:
"Indeed, disappointing, nasty announcements. These are convulsive movements before the election. This is an attempt to show that will stop all acts in the direction of greater freedom and democracy. This, of course, sad. Both the EU and other organizations to react to it. And not only only statements and, perhaps, by some other measures. And here’s what we had read on the simplification of visa for now it will be harder to beat.
This bad announcements from Belarus. And, unfortunately, this is grist to the mill of those who says that it is necessary to tighten the measures necessary to show that European and other organizations do not put up with this. These measures may touch the inhabitants of Belarus ". Tags: comments, Parsukevich tribunal

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