S. Parsyukevich Zhodinsky transferred to remand

Translation Sergei Parsiukevich Zhodino I confirmed duty Bureau Minsk detention center, where a businessman held from March 4. Does this mean that the inmate has led penitentiaries? I recall a sentence Parsyukevich only enter into force after, how to make out a complaint convicted in Minsk city court. BACKGROUND translation has learned counsel Parsiukevich Faith Stramkouskaya.
"Fact, began renovating this building due to the fact that the tower collapsed. Already a day or two of prisoners transported in Zhodino. Parsiukevich sent now. Just I came there to meet him, and it is already taken. "
Feels himself as a prisoner, which aggravated asthma? "The prison physician rated his health as satisfactory," — said Vera Stramkouskaya.
Sergei Parsyukevich wife Natalia says that on days are received from her husband a letter, sent to another "Queen".
"He said that 25 people in the chamber, a bed in three tiers, he was given a bed on the lower tier."
In this letter, Sergei Parsyukevich not warned that it’s going to translate into Zhodinskaya jail. Natalia Parsukevich this move is concerned. According to her, remand Zhodinsky considered the toughest bullpen in Belarus.
Is this true? What conditions are expected to Sergei Parsyukevich new place?
Past Deputy Valery Shchukin served in Zhodino remand more than a month. The human rights activist said that watchmen bullpen tougher compared with watchmen "Queen".
"After all, they are trained on the protection of prisoners sentenced to indefinite detention, which also hold in the bullpen," — says Valery Shchukin.
"Hands are not wring as indefinite, but a similar treatment., For example, requires that all podymali and stood facing the wall as the door lock still rang."
With all this Valery Shchukin notes that in Zhodino remand was not such peranaselenastsi in chambers as "Volodarka", and the best food there.
"The food, have to admit, there are better. Putrid cabbage did not give."
Day hearing of the appeal Sergei Parsyukevich not yet been appointed. This can happen within a month, Sergei Parsyukevich depart Zhodino.
In late April, the Metropolitan Tribunal of Minsk sentenced businessman Sergei Parsyukevich to 2.5 years in prison for beating a policeman in the bullpen in Akrestsin where Parsiukevich arranged after business meeting on January 10. Sergei Parsyukevich own pleaded not guilty and the court argued that it was his beat watchmen bullpen.

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