S.Skrebets: We have shown that men still have

Sergei Skrabets says that ending the hunger strike has several reasons:
"In 1-x, feeling very unwell. On This time hunger has been very hard.
We we see, that power not going to make our demands for the release of all political prisoners. Replaced in order to release Kazulin, Parsyukevich, Kim authorities throw new prisoners behind bars. We litsezreem that are sitting youth activists, raided the place-independent publications.
In these criteria, we believe it must complete strike. But that does not mean the struggle for complete release of political prisoners, for democratic change in our society. "
The younger brother of former deputy — Alexander — claims I did the hunger strike two conclusions. First: he personally was on the true act. And second:
"I believe that we were supported directly in terms of hunger strike 10’s people, and morally weave, and maybe even a thousand — that is an achievement."
Sergei Skrabets reads at the moment in the relay hunger strike, about 20 people are participating. Brothers approached him with the suggestion that those ended a hunger strike. But each will solve it without the help of others.
Deputy Chairman of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Party of Labor Tatyana Vanina has been on hunger strike:
"I started to get out of this state. And goes even harder than hunger strike. Skrabets I agree with. Necessary that people joined the more active work. This condition is very difficult vsepolnotsenno work."
In Berlin, starving former Belarusian police, father and offspring ALKAYEVA that several years ago received political asylum in Germany. Father Oleg Alkaev hunger strike for the 17th day, son Vyacheslav — 9th. Oleg Alkaev says that while he refuses to starvation and not going to the brakes when onfeels bad:
"I do not like any deadlines.’s Not my style. I know that Skrabets ended hunger strike is not so now 1st or 5th. Health condition became worse. And I have more fat and I’m still able to withstand slightly. How bad will, I will. "
Sergei Skrabets sure the fruit of the hunger strike is:
"This hunger strike, we showed not only solidarity with political prisoners, and even then, in Belarus yes many people, who struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights. "
Strike began on March 10 with the release of the political prisoner demands Alexander Kozulin. 22 a day or hunger strike widened its objectives. Initially, the participants claimed only immediately release Alexander Kozulin and close cases opposition activists Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich. Later, in addition, — end repression against members of celebration days of Will and-independent journalists, which made searches and confiscated office equipment on March 27.

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