Sakharov Prize — Chinese political prisoner

The winner of the Sakharov Prize "for Freedom of Thought" became a Chinese political activist Hu Jia, who is currently in jail.

This was announced by Chairman of the European Parliament now Hans-Gert Poettering. On the Sakharov Prize excelled this year and ex-presidential candidate, the last political prisoner Alexander Kozulin.
Activities known Chinese human rights activist and dissident Hu Jia covers a wide range of issues, from environmental protection and HIV-AIDS prepyadstviya to calls to investigate the bloody action in the square Tyananmen. It also acts as coordinator of the "barefoot lawyers".
Sovereign Poettering, calling the name of the winner of the Sakharov Prize — Hu Jia stressed that the European Parliament firmly and resolutely expresses recognition of everyday struggle of all human rights defenders in China for freedom.
Also at this year’s award allocated Alexander Kozulin and head of the election commission of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Abbot Malu Malu Apollinaris.
Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bialiatski expressed the view that such a premium level (Sakharov, the prize of the European Union, the Nobel Prize) awarded first, to draw attention to certain dilemmas. And the fact that the representatives of Belarus received the Sakharov Prize in the past few years, twice, indicating that the Belarusian problem — the focus of the international community, says Ales Bialiatski.
"What was nominated Kozulin — it was in itself quite fundamentally. And it seems to me that it played a role in his release. Prize went to Chinese human rights activist, and this makes some sense and context. Now a possible candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize was also one of Chinese human rights activists, only four Chinese were included in the list for the Nobel Peace Prize, but none of them did not get the Nobel Prize. awarding the Sakharov Prize Because one of Chinese human rights activists was to some extent an expression of the fact that the European Union is concerned about the situation human rights in the Republic of China. "
Recall one Sakharov Prize was awarded to the Belarusian Association of Journalists in 2004, the second — in 2006, former presidential candidate Milinkevich.
Ally Alexander Kozulin’s party, Mieczyslaw Mushroom, reads as follows:
"It is difficult to judge, we are not on the scale Awards 1st, and another third. I know, for example, only Kozulin — his struggles, his exploits. And what reward have a Chinese, I do not know. ‘Cause hard to judge who deserved more, some less. Nothing terrible in it I do not see. Suppose let him work, let him fight. were not given this year — there is a chance for the next year. "
Sakharov Prize by the European Parliament was established in 1988 and is awarded annually for "achievements in human rights and freedoms, and respect for international law and development of democracy." Premium amount — 50 thousand euro. Usually the winner of respect occurs on December 17 in Strasbourg. How will this year — is not yet clear, because Hu Jia is currently behind bars.

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