Sanctions: What we are being punished — it is incorrect

While on the website of the public company "Polotsk-Fiberglass" provided contacts customs warehouses in the United States where you can buy or order the company’s products. But, according to the deputy director general of the company Sergei Svyarshchova, all products are already sold in warehouses and nothing left. Now purchase or order products in the United States is unrealistic.
"Polotsk-Fiberglass" supplied its products in the United States. For example, in the past wasof exported about half thousand tons of glass almost five million bucks. Or nearly four and a half per cent of total exports.
"The fact that we are being punished — this is incorrect. And it is very sad because we are free legal entity that operates without any restrictions with their money. Yes, it hurt us. In any case, it will not suspend the company, and we will work. But we have to make very many efforts to somehow minimize the losses. "
Sovereign Svyarshchov said that the South American market is fascinating for enterprises where work was in high-tech napramkah.Yak same impact on employees of the enterprise sanctioned?
"When I was selling for two bucks and going to another market and sell for a buck or less, then it will fall heavily on the enterprise. We chose the more expensive and promising markets, including USA. Doing market diversification, we we have loss. But in general it is not fatal to the enterprise. "
Sovereign Svyarshchov agrees that sanctions have political background. He hopes that the policy terms and conditions:
"It is our great desire. We are not the first time already butting with the South American market. In 2000, we extended the quota that was introduced by the U.S. government with respect to certain types of tissue."
And bringing the company’s own management team information sanctioned?
"Naturally, we will not bring. Course, they will not decrease wages. We will not reduce workers. All they are looking telly heed radio, they all know it."
On the question of whether sovereign Svyarshchov knows why the U.S. imposed sanctions, he replied:
"Well, a provocative question. Naturally realize. But do not realize why specifically for us."
Whether exposure somehow sanctions on company "Lakokraska"? Director John Smith said very briefly:
"Nothing. After all, I’m all right."
General manager "Belarusian Oil Trading House" Valery Ivankovic general declined to comment.

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