Schengen countries while not inferior to the cost of visas

This was stated by Deputy Minister Foreign Affairs Victor Gaisenok speaking House of Representatives. "But we are faced with a consolidated position EU states, that link the start of negotiations with the performance of 12 EU proposals recognizable. Because the work in this direction is very languid. We are trying to maintain bilateral negotiations, but break the solidarity of the Schengen zone is not yet possible, "- said Gaisenok.
Deputy minister Foreign Affairs spoke in the House on the ratification of the agreement on mutual trips of people in Poland and Belarus. While the citizens of B living in border areas, according to the deputy with Lilies Kashenkova, travel to Poland on ordinary rules without any indulgences. Gaisenok said that this occasion Warsaw and Minsk negotiate, so sprastsi conditions crossing the border for this category of people. "Positive movement in this direction is" — said Gaisenok.

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