Scientists are planning to build a RF hybrid reactor

Russian scientists plan to create a hybrid reactor, in which the performance of conventional, nuclear, parts will increase the fusion part, the president of the National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute", Academician Yevgeny Velikhov. "Today in Russia there are some projects that will be used to create our own national fusion reactors. First of all, the project is a hybrid reactor, along with the reactor" Ignitor "- Velikhov said, responding to a question about what kind of development will get Russian thermonuclear development through the participation of Russia in the ITER project.

In turn, the Russian head of the ITER Project Office Anatoly Krasil'nikov explained that such a hybrid reactor consists of two parts, in which the fusion part — Tokamak — is a source of high-energy neutrons, which can significantly increase the effectiveness of its "normal" nuclear, parts. According Krasil'nikova, now the project is at the stage of analysis of the concept.

He noted that in such a reactor "fusion" neutrons initiating fission reaction in the fissile material, resulting in this case stands out so much energy that it covers much the cost of creating the plasma. "Energy" fusion "of 14 MeV neutrons, it is very much a neutron can produce fission reaction," — said the scientist. According to him, work on hybrid reactors are "in the analysis stage of the concept."

"In the near future, I hope we will discuss it more specifically," — added Krasil'nikov. He noted that the lead developer of the installation is the "Kurchatov Institute", is also involved in the project, in particular, of "Research and Development Institute of Power behalf Dollezhal" (NIKIET). Krasil'nikov added that Chinese scientists are already working to develop such a reactor.

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