Scientists at the Skolkovo invented a unique technology for the detection of hydrocarbons in the deep sea

According to the results of the annual international conference "Russia Offshore 2012" marine seismic technology "Geonod Exploration" is recognized as the best technology for exploration in 2012.


Scientists from the company "Geonod" — participants and the first residents of Technopark "Skolkovo" invented a unique technology for the marine bottom seismic hydrocarbon deposits.

"Method "Geonod Exploration" is by far the most cost effective and technologically efficient way seismic hydrocarbons in the whole range of depths from 0 to 7000 meters ", — says Director of Marketing and Business Development "Geonod" Yevgeny Borisov. According to him, "Company" Geonod "is the world oil market innovative method of bottom seismic hydrocarbon deposits on the sea and in the transit zones with proprietary geophysical complex" Geonod Exploration 600 ". "The performance of works by using our complex comparable to the best performance of the existing conventional technologies — with single shots with three-dimensional streamers" — Borisov said.

"Geonod Exploration" produces significantly better data even in the most remote geological sites where all currently existing technology, or powerless, or their use economically feasible, he said.

Thanks conceptually different approach to conduct work method "Geonod Exploration" unprecedented reduces the cost of seismic data. This is due both to the innovative patented method, and unique specifications developed by the geophysical complex "Geonod Exploration 600."

Presentation method "Geonod Exploration" on the company's website: 


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