Scientists from the Tbilisi State University are developing biodegradable surgical sutures

Scientists at the Tomsk State University (TSU) Developing technology of absorbable monofilament surgical sutures, from polymers of glycolic and lactic acids. According to researchers, the resulting technology will allow them to create threads with different periods of resorption — depending on the needs of medicine. The project is designed for two years, will receive 180 million rubles in the Federal Target Program "Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2007-2013" and attract even 180 million extrabudgetary funds.

It is assumed that the threads created by the technology of Tomsk scientists will be smooth, elastic, flexible and biologically inert and, therefore, suitable for use by surgeons. Besides yarn will not cause further tissue damage and inflammation in patients. Threads are supplied in special sealed sterile package, therefore they do not need to be further processed before surgery. Special anti-microbial coating strands will create additional disinfecting effect.

Now Russian biodegradable filaments produced in small quantities and only multifilament. Their weave of a fiber, so they have an uneven surface. This leads to additional mikrotravmirovaniyu tissue during surgery. Furthermore, ingress content wound into the spaces between the fibers creates conditions for further infection.

Scientists TSU will produce yarns poligligolidlaktida domestically produced under strict quality control of raw materials. Technology for producing monomers — glycolide and lactide — for manufacturing yarns will also be developed under the project. Now lactide and glycolide in Russia on an industrial scale are not made, and glycolide can not even buy abroad: it is prepared for its purposes only manufacturers of medical devices.

TSU partners in the implementation of the project are "Novokhim", "POLYPLAST ENGINEERING", "Sibtermohim" and the Research Institute of Physical Chemistry named LY Karpov, Russian Chemical-Technological University named after DI Mendeleev Institute of Surgery named after AV Wisniewski, SSMU.

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