Scientists have developed a drug in Primorye, regenerating liver


A group of scientists in Vladivostok during the years of research has invented a cure for the restoration of the liver, which significantly lowers the level of cholesterol, the drug is called "Maksarov", said Wednesday the director of the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the GB Elyakova FEB RAS Academician Valentin Stonik.

"The laboratory of natural quinoid compounds, headed by Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Sergei Fedoreeva finalized and prepared the first commercial production of the drug" Maksarov. "Uniqueness of the drug is that in addition to hepatoprotective and anti-toxic effect in patients with lesions of the liver, it significantly lowers the level of cholesterol and triglycerides which are the main sources of fat circulating in the blood. drug is not as effective, and in some respects greatly exceeds the known analogues ", — told the agency.

According to him, for clinical trials was pilot batch formulation "Maksarov" tablets. The results of these tests, which were conducted in leading hospitals of the country, confirmed the efficacy of the drug and allow it to be recommended as a pathogenic agent for the treatment of patients.

"The drug has low toxicity, does not exhibit mutagenic, carcinogenic and allergic effects. Has no effect on a healthy liver," — said the academician.

According to him, the foundation of a new drug is an extract of the Far Eastern plants — Maak Amur containing a mixture of natural polyphenolic compounds. He noted that the natural resources and natural renewability Maak Amur plant, which, in fact, is the source of raw materials preparation, will fully meet with the help of the country's needs in the new medication.

Industrial production of a unique product in the form of tablets will begin next year on pharmaceutical factory in Obninsk.

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