Scientists have discovered a promising new diamond area in the Siberian platform

Scientists of the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy. VSSobolev Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) was isolated in the Siberian platform 11 new areas, promising to open a primary and alluvial diamond deposits, according to the materials of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

"As a result of extensive field and laboratory studies identified 11 new areas, promising to open a primary and alluvial diamond deposits. Two of these areas are estimated inferred resources at the P3 category in the amount of 240 million carats by setting 150 million carats," — said the materials .

It is noted that the scientists also reasonable prospects of diamond rocks of Triassic age of kimberlite magmatism, previously regarded as unpromising.

"Compiled the most complete to date forecast map native diamond Siberian platform," — said the materials.

Also for the first time established the GIS project with the database of the Geological, geophysical specialist, mineralogical study of the Siberian platform, as well as a number of other databases that form the basis for further development of forecasting and prospecting for diamonds.

Earlier, Public Relations Center of SB RAS reported that the new primary sources of diamonds were discovered in the Arctic regions of Yakutia.

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