Scientists have invented a new MEPhI drone May beetle

Young engineers of the National Research Nuclear University MEPI created a unique unmanned aerial vehicle — quadrocopter "May-bug."

The main difference between "May Bug" from ordinary UAVs is that this quadrocopter made taking into account the principles of radiation-resistant hardware, which allows for work in the nuclear power plants in the aftermath of emergencies. To achieve this protection specialists MiFi had literally from scratch to design all the electronics, plumbing board, select material for the body and even wear "Beetle" on x-ray. Chips were exposed alternately to the active mode to a dose of 240 krad with periodic (every 40 krad) measuring static current consumption. The dose cumulative impact on the chip does not exceed 300 krad. As a result of testing the overall housing system was protected by a light coating completely excluding the impact of radiation on the device.


Great attention should be paid, and specially designed software that allows you to manage "a May beetle" remotely with a joystick manual control.

Software also allows you to carry out drone over its territory, on a predefined route using global satellite navigation system GLONASS, with the ability to adjust the course. During the flight, the device can produce photo-and video, as well as perform analysis of air for the presence in it of smoke pollutants. Payload quadrocopter is 7 kg, thus realized the possibility of attaching to it any additional equipment for research. The possibility of the use of instruments and sensors of various types, makes the device versatile and the possibilities of its use are almost limitless.

Quadrocopter can exercise over its territory, were photographed forests in the presence of fires, perform measurements with the help of removable sensors for meteorological applications, and to monitor the status of the territory, subject to chemical contamination.

Another direction of the use of unmanned vehicle — commercial. Quadrocopter can be used, including those in urban areas to monitor the situation on the roads, take photographs celebrations.

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