Scientists KemSU will produce nanomaterials from coal-chemical raw materials



Scientists from Kemerovo State University (Kemerovo State University) in collaboration with colleagues from the Institute of Coal and Coal Chemistry of nanomaterials will produce coal-chemical raw materials.

The new chemical laboratory "Synthesis of nanomaterials from coal-chemical raw materials," designed for the synthesis of nanomaterials has been opened on the basis of Kemerovo State University.

The main task Laboratories, which acts at the University, is to improve the known polymers by adding them to the composition of the carbon fibers to improve the properties of these materials. Practical application of such polymers is wide enough they may be used in the manufacture of liquid crystal displays, plastic pipes and various plastics. A joint project of Kemerovo State University and the Institute of Coal and Coal Chemistry also aims to theoretical research in the field of Chemistry. The main objective of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences is to develop research of coal, its properties, methods of application and synthesis of its derivatives in the Kuzbass. The lab is equipped with the most modern equipment, which will work teachers, university students and staff of the institute. Appointed head of the laboratory, TB Tkachenko (Tatyana), Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Organic Chemistry, Kemerovo State University.

As the AA Frost (Alexander Anikeevich), Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry of Kemerovo State University, this is the second specialized research laboratory at the Chemistry Department, on the basis of which will be promising scientific research. Overall, the chemistry department KemSU more than 30 laboratories that are engaged in undergraduate and graduate students and successfully write and defend the thesis.

It is important to note that the new lab will actively cooperate with other units of the University, for example, with a small innovative company LLC "Liomed" which is engaged in the development of contact lenses. To date, a number of experiments are planned to improve the quality of medical eye lenses with the addition of carbon fibers.


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