Scientists NUST MISA developed a unique software package

Professor Vladimir Krivonozhko

The team NUST "MISA" under the direction of Professor Vladimir Krivonozhko has developed a unique software package that allows you to analyze in 3D-format the various multidimensional economic and social systems, including the activities of countries, regions, corporations, banks, municipalities, educational institutions, housing facilities, and agriculture.

The technology makes it possible to quickly make evidence-based decisions.

"Experts of the largest Russian and foreign companies-partners NUST" MISA "praised the development of our scientists — said the rector of MISA Alevtina Chernikov.- By the end of the year we plan to sign a cooperation agreement with the University of Oslo, providing for the establishment of a joint laboratory "Multivariate analysis" based on the MIS, as well as the elaboration of programs of academic mobility of our students and teachers. " 

"We were able to visualize the activity of the first multi-dimensional social and economic facilities by constructing a three-dimensional cross-sections of many manufacturing capabilities (environment) in which they operate, as well as through the analysis of hierarchies. Hence the name and methodology — Analysis of the operating environment. Development has no analogues in the world, as it gives the opportunity to explore complex systems using direct methods, ie by imaging features and a variety of performance analysis, embedded in them, which improves the correctness of the research companies, government agencies than those used today by indirect methods, "- said Professor Krivonozhko

According to the scientist, the new system will neutralize speculation and inaccuracies, allowing to determine the actual position of an object among others in a multidimensional space based on key indicators. In this visualization helps to greatly reduce the time of decision-making — for example, allows you to quickly determine how to strengthen the market position of the company, what is the real ranking universities, etc.

Attempts to create such technologies were made before, but for the first time jointly with Academician, Professor. University of Oslo (University of Oslo) Phin Forsundom managed to develop a program for comprehensive analysis. More than 10 years have passed since then, as Mr. Forsund pointed to the inadequacy of existing methods. It was a real jerk in the management of the companies / management of complex government structures.

In the developed system, we consider the set of similar objects that operate in similar conditions and subject to assessment of a specific set of parameters, the amount of which depends on the area of research, its purpose and can range from two to several hundred. For ease of analysis, the parameters are divided into groups that make up the virtual 3D-model. For example, 900 banks are distributed in terms of reliability (based on a group of several parameters: capital, liquidity, assets, liabilities, refinancing, etc.).

From a mathematical point of view, this approach is a decision many optimization problems, the creation of special algorithms for multi-dimensional visualization, building a multi-dimensional Pareto-efficient sets, etc. The software package allows the ranking of objects (to determine the rankings), to find the optimal way of their development, to evaluate the efficiency of investment, etc.

In NUST "MISA" Situation Centre was opened. At its base the representatives of government, business, science, education and other areas are necessary to carry out a thematic analysis by the developed software. The cost of such research, according to Professor Krivonozhko ranges from 0.5 to 5 million rubles, depending on the specific tasks and services.

Krivonozhko Vladimir E.
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Automated Control Systems at the National Research Technological University "MISA." Born in 1948 in Moscow. In 1972 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in "Automatic Control Systems". From 1972 to 1976 he worked at the Institute of Control Sciences of the USSR. Since 1976, with the founding of the works at the Institute for Systems Analysis, consistently ranking as a junior researcher, senior researcher, senior researcher and chief scientific sotrudnika.V 1979 he defended his thesis on the physical and mathematical sciences at the Institute for Systems Analysis Techniques for dynamic optimization problems. In 1996 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the development and generalization of decomposition methods for physical and mathematical sciences at the Institute of Systems Analysis RAN.Krivonozhko VE is a professor at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, gives lectures on the analysis of complex socio-economic systems at the Faculty of Management and Applied Mathematics at Moscow State University. MV University at the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology at the National Research University "MISA", directs the work of graduate students and studentov.Professor Krivonozhko VE is a major specialist in the field of operations research, systems analysis, theory and methods of optimization, mathematical economics, computer simulation. Author of over 160 scientific publications in leading national and international publications on the list, and WAC WOS.Bolee 15 years, directs the development of high technologies and their applications in economics and business. Developed under his leadership, software systems implemented in the largest companies and organizations in the country: Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Administration of Yekaterinburg, RAO "UES of Russia", etc.

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