Search for door cut blowtorch

"KGB officer is interested, I am not a reporter channel" Belsat"
KGB referred to the decision of 17 March 2008, signed by the assistant prosecutor of Minsk Alexey Stuk. According to her searches are conducted in the framework of the criminal case instigated against Andrei Obozova, Oleg Minich and Paul Morozova. They are accused of libeling Lukashenko, Tipo which have satirical cartoon about managing Belarus. This case was instituted August 16, 2005. All persons involved in the case have gone abroad.
The search was conducted at the apartment and chairman Novopolotsk branch of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrei Alexandrov.
"They showed me a search warrant in my apartment. Consigning also showed that signed by the deputy prosecutor of Minsk Stuk. Consigning And it was addressed to the Deputy Chairman of the KGB Weger. In this behalf it was said that in connection with the criminal case by paragraph 1 of Article 367 Penal Code was instructed to conduct a search in my apartment, also in apartments in a few places 15 people. Among them I recognized the names of journalists from other cities of Belarus. example, Eduard Melnikov, Anatoliy Hatouchyts from Gomel, sire Sudnik, several journalists from Vitebsk , Bobruisk. "
As a result, security officers took computer hard drives, and other drives and even texts 6 dictations Belarusian language, which wrote in the March 23 Novapolatsk friends sovereign Alexandrov.
"After the search, an official interrogation. KGB officer is interested, I am not a reporter channel" Belsat "or some foreign media, if I knew the gentlemen who somehow involved in the placement of certain animated movies on the TV channel" Belsat "that offend Tipo President of Belarus. I replied that no relation to the activities of foreign media have not and gentlemen Morozova, Minich, Obozova not know. "
In an interview with "Freedom" Tsar Alexei Stuk explained that citizens who are now conducting a search across the country, "are related to the creation and support of relations" with "Belsat" and its creators.
"This is a very aggressive attack on Belarusian media-independent"
Chief editor of the editorial information of "Belsat" Alexey Dzikavitski padusmovvae:
"Naturally, the cartoons were in our air. And there was a hero like Alexander Lukashenko. But this stupid enough to present any claims to people who cooperate with the channel due to the fact that the channel is such cartoons have appeared."
According Dzikavitski, searches have not prevented and fail to interfere with the channel and the news release came out today in full format.
"Bring what happened now, it is possible in a few words. This is a very aggressive attack on Belarusian media-independent. As for our channel, more than 10 of our colleagues were heard KGB, their searches were conducted, many strongly seized equipment, even have not counted until the end, how much. But the most fundamental that all this time at liberty. "
"MOE came carved these doors"
During searches in Vitebsk was arrested and taken to the police station defender Paul Levin, who tried to provide legal assistance to journalists in what was searched. Policemen accused sovereign Lyavinau in profanity.
Vitebsk journalist Vadim Barshcheuski opened the door KGB officers. Then they called MOE employees and cut the locks. This was told daughter Olga Karach:
"We called and they came and cut the door blowtorch. The house was Oleg’s father. Mama took in school. She tried to hide in the library, but she was found the KGB and essentially led to the door, but she did not have the keys. MOE came cut these doors. "
"All this can be called violence to independent media in Belarus"
Governing Law Center Belarusian Association of Journalists Misha Shepherds revealed that BAJ prepared an appeal to the Attorney General that he took legal measures to immediately halt the mass persecution of journalists. Also targeted appeals to international organizations who track the situation with the media.
"Has such a purposeful action to a greater extent against journalists who cooperate with the independent TV channel" Belsat ", which transmits its products at country Belarus. Practically, the objective was to kill the journalist network in areas of Belarus. Believe that all these acts KGB employees should receive its proper response as part of the Belarusian society and international organizations. I believe that was searched unreasonably. Practically, authorities hinder activity-independent media and professional journalists. All this violence may be referred to the independent media in Belarus. " Tags: journalists, results, search, seizure, KGB

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