Searches and seizures occurred in all regions

Mogilev region in the morning three employees of the KGB came to journalist Gennady Soudnick. He knows:

They all — Majors. There are civil

"They’re all — Majors. There are civil. Surnames — R.Gayshun, A.Romanov and Ya.Nikitsenka. Their decree was dated March 17, 2008, signed by an assistant prosecutor of Minsk A. Stuk. This allows search bureaucrat in the investigation of the criminal case under part 1. 367 against Andrei Obozova, Oleg Minich and Pavel Morozov accused of developing a satirical movie about Alexander Lukashenko. The resolution also says that the investigator V.Shaban Minsk Mogilev KGB instructed "to turn up items that can stay in the apartment and Gennady Soudnick be relevant to the initiation of criminal proceedings."
Searched the apartment of journalist Gennady Soudnick lasted more than 2-hours. In the end, took a computer system.
Also in the morning in Brest local council KGB officers broke into the apartment of parents journalist Natalia Chukhno.
"Were here from 8:40. Smallness scared. I just woke up. A father opened the door. I was not prepared for this invasion. They took almost everything. Now I have a list in which are 23 things. General, this figure is conditional because they make up in the package, for example, the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" and write that one, and take her whole stack. So pick up newspapers, audio and video. I remember their names: Prima, Ban and Kez. Do them on a sheet were recorded three questions to me — or you’re familiar with these people? How they relate to BelSat? How to get these videos on BelSat?

Break all, which can be. Took computers. Newspapers took

According to the journalist, all these questions she gave negative responses: "not familiar, I do not know, I have no case."
I talk with the chairman of the regional organization of the United Civil Party, Vladimir Katsora:
"They rushed suddenly. They had 9 people. Break everything you can. Took away computers. Collected Papers. Also literature of various kinds. Search lasted four hours.’s Now going to restore order."
Ask a friend to call the cause of forcibly searches in the regions.
"On the ground going fictional violence to block the access of disk imaging on the current regime to the population in the regions — in the cities, towns and villages."

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