Seltzer go to Mogilev, Funk — Gomel

On this "Radio Liberty" said lawyer Dmitry Harachka, protecting prisoners.
"Emanuel Zeltser sent by step evening November 11, Vladlena Funk will be sent on Saturday, the 15th. I am afraid that Emanuel Zeltser survive step because his health condition is very bad, and at least some step — an ordeal, "- said Dmitry Harachka.
Recall Emanuel Zeltser was sentenced by the Minsk City tribunal to 3 years in prison on charges of commercial espionage, but never considered himself guilty. As well as V. Funk (Bruskova), who was sentenced to year imprisonment.
The U.S. government once petitioned for release Zeltser and V. Funk judgments of humanity, but both remain behind bars.
In the U.S., Zeltser relatives believe that his arrest involved Russian oligarch Runaway Boris Berezovsky, which refutes the allegations.

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