Serbiya: who will create a coalition government?

Gaining 39 percent of the vote, a coalition of 10 per cent ahead of a constructive party. Her favorite Tomislav Nikolic referred to, but their own statements about competitors early victory and said that constructive party together with allies still hopes to form a coalition government.

Many analysts predicted that mass dissatisfaction Serbs role of the EU in the proclamation of Kosovo’s independence will result in victory for parliamentary elections forces that oppose Serbia’s integration with the European Union.
But this forecast did not materialize. 39 percent found the coalition led by the Democratic Party of President Boris Tadic. The official election results must be unveiled on Thursday, but Tadic has said about the victory and that the Serbs have chosen the path of integration with Europe:
"This is a great victory for Serbia. This is a great victory for the Serbian democracy. This is a great victory for the euro come."
With all this, Tadic stressed that if he will form a coalition government, the new government does not recognize Kosovo’s independence. One of the probable allies Tadic of the Democratic Party in Parliament — Liberal Democratic Party — the only Serb parties, which recognized the independence of Kosovo. But it’s unclear overcome this party to be represented in parliament, the five percent barrier.
Meanwhile Constructive favorite Party Tomislav Nikolic warned own competitors from early celebration. By Nikolic, a fully credible options creation coalition government without the participation of Tadic’s Democratic Party. Nikolic relies on a coalition agreement with the Democratic Party of Serbia under the control of today’s prime minister Vojislav Kostunica, also with the Socialists.
In turn Kostunica ruled out the possibility of coalition with Tadic’s Democratic Party. In March, the brand new attitude to the status of Kosovo has become a prerequisite for the collapse of the coalition government, which included games Tadic and Kostunica.
New Serbian parliament has convened its first meeting until mid-June, and the government must formed until mid-September. If MPs fail to do so, will have to conduct a new election.
*** The mood of Serbian voters influenced today’s actions in Kosovo — February 17, 2008 this region unilaterally appointed its independence from Serbia. 90 percent of the inhabitants of Kosovo Albanians make up, but remain live there and Serbs. About current life in the broken half the town of Mitrovica in northern Kosovo knowsour video

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