Should NATO to defend Europe from Gazprom?

Dasledchytsa South American Enterprise Institute Ida Garibaldi states that NATO should protect Europe from energy dependence on Russia, and the director of programs for Russian and Eurasian Center for Strategic and International research Andrew Kuchyns convinced that — no, it should not.
Ida Garibaldi believes that recent years Our homeland conducts brutal gas policy in Europe and that it binds its political and economic impact of natural resources. According to the views of Garibaldi, the pressure on Belarus and Ukraine in the past two years, and disruptions in energy supplies to Europe because of these conflicts demonstrate that European energy security is a severe challenge for NATO.
According views dasledchytsy South American Enterprise Institute, just imagine for themselves the situation in which Moscow will supply at least some members of the EU before choosing between prolonged energy supply and support a certain American policy. Already, the EU receives from Russia about 30 percent of all their needs in the gas and about 45 percent of its own oil needs.
Ida Garibaldi joins views known South American Senator Richard Lugar, who proposed to consider the manipulation of energy supplies and its implementation as a tool as a starting point for the implementation of Article 5 of the NATO agreement. This article provides for the attack on the 1st NATO member is an attack on all members of the alliance. Such a change of position would work as a deterrent against the brutal behavior.
Also Ida Garibaldi says Russian gas pipeline project on the bottom of the Dark Sea — so called "South Stream". According to analysts, Ukraine and Romania should claim the environmental assessment of this project.
Another analyst, expert at the Center for Strategic and International research Andrew Kuchyns strongly disagree with Iddat Garibaldi. He believes that NATO verbovanie to ensure energy security of Europe Union distract from other very important problems.
Kuchyns not agree with the fact that in the case of Belarus and Ukraine Our homeland energoelementy used as an energy weapon, because as soon as it increases prices for all consumers, including and domestic.
Kuchyns argues that energoelementov supplies to Europe from non-Russian sources frisky grow rapidly, and this growth will continue until 2020. Likely, analyst says Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas will remain at 25 percent.
Andrew Kuchyns believes that if the Europeans are really willing to reduce its dependence on Russia in the field energoelementov then must make free European energy markets and develop infrastructure to make the probable delivery frisky with western Europe at her East, in other words, to those states that are more dependent on Russia.
Andrew Kuchyns states that NATO and so there are many urgent problems. For example, if the union will suffer trouble in Afghanistan, it will face the question of the meaning of his own existence and his own coming — but it is much more important than arguments about energy security. Tags: Our homeland, European Union, United States, energy, security, NATO

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