Siuchyk: Authorities fear the truth about war

Mom activist Vyacheslav Siuchyk Galina son met many times to get out of prison. On This time, in an old road, she was particularly struck by the offspring of view:
"To say that I have not learned to be an exaggeration, but stsisnulasya heart hurt. Thinner, haggard."
April 23 Starodorozhski tribunal arrested Vyacheslav Siuchyk for his role in the establishment of a cross in the village Drazhna. Here’s what he said about this Vyacheslav came out of bullpen:
"On April 19, in the village we have established cross Drazhna Euphrosyne of Polotsk in memory of 25 Belarusians, tortured Russian partisans. They were peaceful inhabitants, ladies, kids. Were burned 37 homes. Walked in 1943. Guerrillas are not easily destroyed, they tortured them before ruin. buried them in the local cemetery here with them installed and cross. There was inscription on the disaster, which has already gone through one day, and a day or two later destroyed and the cross. "

Cross settlement was illegal, and it will respond to those who gave such orders

According to Vyacheslav Siuchyk for "oversight" has fired the chairman of the local village council. The activist said that the order for winding up the cross and gave repression in Minsk:
"Of course, the liquidation of the cross was illegal, and it will respond to those who gave such an order. Moreover, it is contrary to the law, it also contradicts the Christian tradition in Belarus", — considers Siuchyk.
Activist told about the criteria, in which he was held: Camera two and a half to two meters by a few people, clean water is not enough, the toilet output only twice a day, eating food is unreal, most of the prisoners used to abuse alcohol. Vyacheslav Siuchyk complaint against the sentence was lost somewhere, the prosecutor, who visited him in his cell, read: "You’re alive, what to you want?" Siuchyk believes that the same criteria hold thousands of prisoners in all district Bullpen Belarus. Most of the prisoners at the activist, do not respect the power of modern and drink of despair.
Vyacheslav Siuchyk friends were taken to the home of the famous public figure Anatol niveous who lives on the outskirts of the district center. There last prisoner was able to wash, eat and discuss the subsequent fate of the cross in memory of the victims of the village Drazhna. Anatoly whitewashed believes that it is imperative to preserve the memory. And why do not the authorities?
"After all, the authorities do not want people to know about more stringent real action that took place during the war."
Now the remains of the cross are the local inhabitants.

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